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MD6 Rules!

Ive never used this product or any ECA stack before, but 30 minuits ago I poped 2 of those little red MD6 caps and now Im on top of the fucking world! I mean I feel high! this is awsome. Im guessing the tryptophan is the reason, but damn! I take 75mg of Effexor a day(an anti-depresant), could the two be synergistic(sp)?

Isn’t there a warning on the MD6 bottle about taking it while on anti-depressants? I ask because I haven’t bought MD6 yet because I’m waiting to come off of Serzone (also an anti-D). Just curious.

No doubt about it, MD6 is the best EC type product on the market. I’m trying to finish up an old bottle of Xenadrine right now because my budget won’t prohibit supplement purchases, and I miss the hell out of that stuff.

I’ve used other EC type fat burners too, but nothing is like MD6. It’s not that it just has more stimulants in it, that’s not it. It’s the euphoria that goes along with it that I don’t get from other things like hydroxycuts. Maybe it’s the 5-HTP which also affects mood. Try it with Power Drive. Who needs illegal drugs?!

I’m on anti-depresant (like effexor) since 6 months and i try MAG-10 and MYOSTAT just one day .( even it’s write ‘Do not use if your are taking any prescription drug or consult your physician before using the product’) on the bottle . I felt very bad all day long and i do’nt try after. I think , it’s not for us . If you able to take the product and not feel bad , go on ; but talk to your physician before,like BIOTEST suggest .

I think you meant to say something else besides tryptophan.

Well, its been almost a whole day now, and I still feel terrific. Not that “high” feeling like this morning, that wore off after a couple hours:( Tyler, how are you holding up on the Serzone? I had to stop taking it after a week because it was making me feel drunk, which is not good at work. When I switched over to Effexor I noticed an immediate difference, its a wonderful drug. You should give it a try. BTW Ive done a couple Mag10 cycles with no avderse effects besides weight gain:)

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Serzone has worked great for me, no side effects really at all. To each his own I suppose. I am hoping to start weaning off of it starting in June, so I suppose I can use any supplements then.

I know drinking alcohol can flush many anti-Ds out of one’s system (both regulated by the liver), and I’m wondering if all the supps out there (MD6, yohimbe, etc.) that warn against taking them while on anti-Ds have a similar effect. The only problem with asking the a doc is that most all of them have no idea about the supplements that are even out there and many would advise against them simply because they don’t know how beneficial they can be (I think most of them think the only beneficial drugs are the ones coming from a pharmaceutical company). Oh well. Anyway, just pay attention to how you feel day-to-day just in case.

Hey man, you better lay off the MD6. Effexor works by blocking seratonin and norepi reuptake in the brain, and MD6 most definatly releases plenty of norepi. You could easily percipitate a “manic” episode doing this.