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MD6 Replacement?

So, what have you guys been using instead of MD6?

MD6…you can still get it at dpsnutrition

I still use MD6 :slight_smile:

You can order it online from places like netrition.com and a1supplements.com

Also, try EAS Betalean HP.

you can still get at netrition.com

I ordered 10 bottles when they announced it was being pulled. Check out netrition.com or something, dude. I’m sure you can find some, somewhere. I don’t like any other thermo’s. They make my head feel all wired, but my body just drags.

A sound diet and training program.

Is there anyone that uses something else? I use Metab-O-Life because I can’t handle the 5-HTP in MD6. I’m sure there’s a better product than Metab-O-Life out there, so anyone that has switched already, please post.

Use MD6 to the bitter end! You can probably still find it at dpsnutrition.com or netrition.com. Personally i work at The Vitamin Shoppe and as soon as i heard the news i ordered 25 for my store, and surprisingly they have still been replenishing from the warehouse, but i suspect they will run out soon.

You can buy a generic form of Ripped Fuel at Kmart called Ripped Burner for a lot cheaper. What is it about the 5-HTP that you can’t handle?

Another ? on what you don’t like about 5-HTP. I tried straight 5-HTP and found it made me tired and lazy, even at low doses. I was wanting to try MD6 and figured that the other ingredients would counteract the 5-HTP.

Its not that hard to find-I can still get the original T2…

5-HTP totally stops any appetite, not just carb cravings for me. You have to be pretty darn hungry to eat salmon, sardines, or protein/flax 7 times a day everyday on Fat Fast.

Try Lee Labrada’s ‘Charge!’…good stuff.