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MD6 questions

Yeah, yeah, I know it’s obsolete and all, but I’ve got a few questions from a first-time user. (YES, I’ve done a search.)

I know that because of its appetite suppressing properties, it’s best to take it 30 min before meals; but what if you don’t care about suppressing your appetite? Will MD6 be effective taken with a meal?

How should it be cycled? I found a little information on this, mainly that 5 days on, 2 days off is good. What about long-term?

Should MD6 be taken on the same day as an overfeed?


I would avoid it in the 4-5 hours before a refeed, as caffeine reduces insulin sensitivity and inhibits glucose disposal.

I don’t see any harm in taking it with food, as some people do this anyway to avoid the nausea they may get from taking it on an empty stomach.

For cycling, I usually don’t like to stay on ephedra for more than six weeks. I believe that the bottle recommends not staying on for more than 12 weeks, though. It would depend in part on whether you’re using it for fat loss or as just a stimulant, too. While the fat loss benefits persist for as long as you take the ephedra, the stimulant properties will subside after a few weeks, and return once you’ve given your system a bit of a break.

Thanks Eric.

I’d never take MD6 before a scheduled cheat meal. It makes me not wnat to eat.