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MD6 Question

Hey guys. Last time I took MD6, I took 6 pills a day; 2 at 7am, 2 at noon, and two at 4 0r 5 pm. The stuff worked great, but it tended to keep me up well into the night (which is really a tribute to it’s power, since I am no stranger to ECA products and never had trouble sleeping). The first week I was up until 3 almost every night, and then it kinda tapered off, but I never was able to fall asleep before midnight, usually about 12:30-1. Now, I get up at 6am, and although the MD6 gave me enough energy to get through my day no problem, I don’t feel that 5.5 hours is enough sleep. Does anyone have any advice on how to manipulate the dosage without changing the results? If I took three caps twice a day (figure 7am and 1-2 pm) would it still work the same way, or is taking a three pill does basically pointless (ie, will it not be more effective than taking 2?) Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again.

I take 5 caps a day, 2 just after I wake up, 2 around 11-noonish then 1 at around 3:30, personally I don’t have any trouble sleeping (reason I take 1 instead of 2 is that usually at the end of the day I’m sitting around surfing the net, and I don’t like that heart exploding out of your chest feeling hehe, which seems to be amplified is I’m just sitting around not doing anything) as well as the sleep thing. So… try taking the last dosage earlier, or try reducing the last dosage, experiment bro!

Freebie, thanks for the advice. I was assuming I’d have to do that anyway. I guess reducing the dosage to 5 caps a day shouldn’t take too much away from the effects of the MD6, and my bottle will just wind up lasting longer. I appreciate the input, and any other suggestions or recommendations would be great.