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MD6 phenomenon

I just discovered that the effects of MD6 (6 caps per day) increase substantially when I dropped my daily caloric intake in half. I used to be able to go to sleep on time, but with this reduced calorie state I have to take less MD6 if I want to avoid insomnia. Has anyone else experience this?

The six caps per day will keep you pretty WIRED no matter what I’ve done. I haven’t exactly cut my calorie intake though. Have you tried some ZMA, helps me sleep. Even if I don’t get a lot of sleep I still feel very rested. If I take the MD6 tooo late in the afternoon the ZMA still helps knock me out. That works wonders for me. Quality of sleep is incredible using ZMA.

I sleep like a baby on Md6 as long as I take the last two 20 mins. before dinner. I can nap during the day on them as well. Point being everyone is different, I’ve heard people say Xenedrine is mild, I felt like what it must feel like to be tweeked on meth or something.