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MD6 past expiration date?

I have a bunch of bottles of MD6 here that expire on 12/03…how long past this date can it still be used?

Use them sometime this year. Expiration dates are based on quality control curves, and are always conservative.

What s-lifter said.

Also assumes you have stored them in a cool dry place. If storage was improper, there’s a good chance they are now garbage.

I had some old md6 floating around, I noticed the caps turn black inside if you don’t store them properly.

yeah, theyve been sitting in a box in the closet. when they discontinued it, i stocked up like crazy on that shit…failing to realize that there were expiration dates. what an ass.

The potency usually starts to decline around the expiration. Yes, it’s a conservative date the manufacturer usually can’t guarantee the lable claim past the date.