MD6 or T2Pro

allright, I’m sure this has been asked here before and i probably just missed it, but if you could only take one of these supplements for fat loss which would it be? i know they are both great supplements and both target fat loss in different ways and that they work even better together, but i dont have too much money to spare on fat loss supps. i will be following don’t diet meal plan for phase 1 of growth surge project if that makes any difference. By the way, I did try the search function on the forum but it’s not working for me so sorry if this is an old question.

I would use MD6 if I could only afford one because it zaps the cravings and gives you an energy boost as well as helping with fat loss. T2-PRO is great but I love my stimulants!

You’ll get more immediate effects from the MD6 and more mild and lasting effects from the T2 pro. Basically what I’m saying is you’ll likely burn up a lot more fat with the MD6 but that fat has a greater chance of coming back than anything you lose with T2 pro. The reason being MD6 is more like a drug which can have side effects and withdrawal effects and T2 pro is more of a natural remedy.