MD6 or T2?

Alright everyone, I’m going on a cutting phase for a few weeks and can only afford one fat loss supp: So which do you recommend, T2 or MD6, and why? Thanks everyone. - PJ

If you’re only going to be dieting for a few weeks then MD6 would probably be more effective. If you’re planning an extended diet then you might add T2 when you see your week to week weight loss start to decline. From what I’ve heard others say of T2…it’s kind’ve subtle where MD6 melts fat right off from the get-go.

Well, good question. They are both unparreled to anything else out there, and normally i would reccomend taking them at the same time - powerful stack!! But if I had to take just one I would take MD6 because you can stay on it longer - but don’ think that T2 isn’t as strong - I am just trying to advise from you standpoint.

MD6, maybe adding T2 when you’re closer to your goal…I’ve tried both, and MD6 works much better for me for fat loss.

MD6 did nothing for me last year, but I went on MD6 and T2 recently and have been slowly melting ever since. I think it depends on you individually…