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MD6 or T2

Is the assumption correct that either of these products will work equally well for women? Should dosages be changed and are there any special considerations? My wife is thinking about trying one of them and wanted me to do a little research with yall first.

thanks in advance

Yes, MD6 definitely works well for women, and no doubt T2 will also. A woman who is particularly small might want to adjust dose
downwards in proportion to her size, but
for a woman of say 120 lb or more individual
differences would matter a lot more than the
weight difference between her and the average man. For a little 95 lb thang (why would she be wanting MD6 and T2 though) certainly dosage
would be reduced, to half or two-thirds.

What about MD6 and T2? Brock said you could take them together, but whatkind of improved effects should we expect? Would the advantages be sufficiently noteworthy to be worth the cost, or would it only be a slight enhancement to add MD6 to as strong a supplement as T2?

Well, looking at the related question of whether it’s worthwhile to add MD6 to low dose T3, I found it to be very worthwhile, giving just as much added benefit on top of the T3 as it gives by itself (in other words, you get
the sum of the T3-by-itself effect and the MD6-by-itself effect.)