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MD6 old and new

I still have a couple bottles of the old MD6 left and was wondering…when I start my fat loss phase would it be effective to maybe take a combination of both the old MD6 and the new together? I ask because I saw a post that recommended an ephedrine and asprine with the old formula. Thanks!

I’m sure you could take them together. Or you could still just add some of your own ephedrine and aspirin as well. BTW, I don’t think MD6, either formula, has aspirin so you could add that as well since the point of aspirin is to prolong the effect of the stimulants, in a sense.

Thanks! I will try what you suggested on my next fat-loss stage. I was just really wanting to get a headstart on it and I thought I had a good idea with this. -

The old one really killed my hunger and E gets me jacked, so you could use one when you want an energy boost the other to help with food cravings. Good luck --> outlaw.

One more thing I forgot to add is that stacking them will probably be an incredible appetite suppresant. Since the two formulas use two different chemicals to suppress your appetite. So if you really want to curb that appetite then stacking them should really help with that.