MD6 In Danger?

I was informed today during a conversation with a very legitamate source that the official FDA dismantling of all that is ephedra-based hath begun. Does this mean that we are soon to lose MD6 as well?

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They’ve been saying this since '96 or so I think.

Yah it’s supposedly banned in Canada from what I heard, and even Renegade nutrition stopped selling it. Yet GNC and nutrition House sell them at the local mall. Odd indeed. The girl there was saying it’s not banned it was something about DIM numbers. I don’t think she knew what she was talking about she was very vague.

Yea, they’ve been saying it since '96, but as of now, Thermadrene has just been discontinued, along with all of the Met-Rx ephedra based products.

 What is a very legitamate source anyway?  

I think it’s actually DIN, Drug Identification Number. Every herb or drug must have one to be sold in Canada. Maybe the DIN for ephedrine in Canada is no longer valid?

Thanks T-frueques. The source in question is a big distributer for many large supplement companies in the Northeast who owns a wealth of knowledge concerning products, FDA maneuvers, and the workings of the industry in general. Lata.

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Don’t worry, that’s BS. Even if this starts, don’t forget it will be ONLY to stop supplement companies from selling as a diet drug like the did with Ephedrine HCL. The funny thing is you’ll always be able to find superior ephedrine HCL in asthma medications like Vaspro,etc (all OTC). I use this + Keiser caffeine pills for a real kick.

The FDA has not made any decision. My sources tell me that they cannot —yet–as Congress via the NIH hired the Rand Institute to do a comprehensive analysis of all of the published and unpublished clinical studies on ephedra. In addition, the analysis may contain an evaluation of the FDA’s MedWatch program of the reported AE’s linked or suspected to be linked to ephedra. Nothing should happen for at least a year or so.

Supplements with ephedra are not banned in Canada but the government is trying to discourage the sale of it. This is the first step towards banning it. The only products that will be allowed to have ephedra are the ones made by pharmaceutical companies. I wonder how long it will be until pahrmaceutical companies come out with their own fat burners that cost double the price of current fat burners.

You all seem unperturbed by the latest anti-ephedra craze. I don’t think we should be so apathetic. No matter what the Rand Corporation, or anybody else reports on, the Congress/FDA will do whatever it wants if it thinks it can tell the American people that its looking after their best interests. When did science ever stop them? The ONLY way to prevent it will be by lobbying and by letting your Congressman know that you find the issue important enough to vote against him/her in the next election. I’ll bet Biotest already has their lobbyists at work.

It may not be coming direct from the FDA, but there is a LOT of pressure on the manufacturers to stop selling ephedra. Thermadrene is probably the most widely known ephedra-based product, and Sportpharma decided to discontinue it because their liability insurance was skyrocketing due to the ephedra controversy. Think about that - they made a LOT of money on that product and it must have taken a lot of pressure to discontinue it. Met-Rx is next, it won’t be too long for everyone else to follow…

Met-Rx stopped selling their Thermicore NOT due to the FDA but fear of losing endorsements of other products by Pro Football players as the NFL has banned ephedra related products. It was a business decision, my spources tell me that it has not hurt the Met-Rx bottom line since the company that owns Met-Rx also owns GNC, Worldwide, Rexall-Sundown, Richardson Labs, and a few other companies.

A new FDA director has yet to be appointed. Until that happens, ephedra bans will wait. Since the director has to be confirmed, you can write/email your senators if the appointee is anti-ephedra. But, use different words.