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MD6/German Body Comp

why does md-6 have less guggulsterones than Thyrolean?
Would adding thyrolean help? If I suspect I have a drop in
thyroid would the addition of Iodine from kelp help to this
stack? Can I do the German body Comp program first thing
in the morning on an empty stomach to accelerate fat loss?

WTF are you talking about? MD-6 at two caps
(a full serving) has as much guggulsterones
as ANY other product on the market and in many
cases MUCH more. I happen to know for a FACT
that MD-6 has more guggulsterones than
Syntrax’s Guggulbolic dose.

It's easy to advertise and lie and that's just what many of these other companies are doing.

I’ll bet you a case of MD-6 and Methoxy-7
that MD-6 has as much, if not more, guggulsterone in it as Metabolic Thyrolean does.

If you think you have a thyroid problem, why don't you go to see a physician instead of guessing?


My doc wouldn’t prescribe anything and I had been on a low carb (restricted ) diet for a while when I got the test my numbers were
0.81 with a ref range of 0.31 to 6.00
I thought it was low, but he insisted that because I’m only 23 he wouldn’t prescribe anything. I am currently takeing 6 MD-6