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MD6 \ECA & sex drive

Why is it that whenever I use MD6, my erections and sex drive are weak? Even while using mag10 or androsol? I know its the ECA because when I stop it I get the super sex drive back. What is it that the eca does to effect your testosterone levels? and even inhibit the effects of androgens?

I think the reason is that ephedrine is
also an alpha receptor agonist, which can
have an anti-erectile effect. For most
people, the inclusion of yohimbine, an alpha receptor antagonist, blocks this adverse
effect of ephedrine and so they don’t have
erection problems on MD-6, but it’s not surprising that there would be some people who are exceptions. Sorry to hear that!

So ECA does not effect Testosterone levels? Its the effects on blood flow that cause my erections to be weak and desire to have sex is low. Even on Mag 10 I feel this way. has any one else had this problem?

I think most people get that problem if they take enough of it. For some it just happens at a lower dosage than others.

Yeah, I have this problem. Whenever I take MD6 (or other ephedrine-containing products), erections become quite difficult, sometimes even impossible, and the resting length of my penis is about an inch shorter (I’m sure it’s due to reduced blood flow, as Bill mentions).

If ephedine has any adverse effect on T levels I’m not aware of it. If anything
under some circumstances hypothetically
it might increase LH, but I don’t know
if that actually occurs. If so, under
ordinary circumstances it must not be
much. So far as a decrease goes, there’s
no reason that I know of to think so.

I would like to know how ECA stacks affect your Adrenal Glands, and what affect that can have on your body? I think this is the reason why Berardi does not like ECA stacks. I did some research and the symptoms of Adrenal Gland problems mimicki the symptoms of Addison’s Disease.