MD6 Discontinued

Effective June 30, 2002, Biotest will no longer manufacture, distribute, or
sell MD6. Pressure from the government to remove ephedra-based supplements
from the market has escalated to the point that it no longer makes sense for
us to produce MD6.

This decision was a hard one to make. All of us at Biotest love MD6 just as much as you do. Besides seceding from the Union and declaring ourselves a sovereign nation -- something we thought a bit drastic -- we couldn't come up with a workable solution.

There is some good news for all you MD6 fans. We're going to slash the price in half, making it that much easier to stockpile supplies. So, from now until the end of the month, or while supplies last, MD6 will be on sale for $19.95.

Also, we've been working on an ephedra-free fat-burner for the last year that should be on the market by mid summer. Obviously, it won't contain ephedra, but it'll kick ass! You didn't think a little thing like the government could keep us down, did you? Keep checking in for the actual release date.

Fuck them, secede! Who’s with me?

What is the shelf life of MD6? I’m assuming it’s quite long.

Man, I’m flashing back to the day I read about the end of Nandrosol…

This sucks. Once again the government screws up a good thing. Every time a product comes out that’s effective the government yanks it off the market. Well I guess it’s time to stock up.

Can someone tell me why T2 was discontinued?

That really bites the large one. Sounds as if they are really going to shut this whole ephedra market down this time. That’s BS politics for ya…
I hope the new product still has the stimulatory effect that MD6 has. That stuff kicks ass without the jitters.

That is really too bad. So is the government eventually going to make this a total ban to sell ephedra based products? That would really be ashame. Has there been a recent development that has shown proof of danger; short term or long term? Or is it just the same old government crap that always happens?

this is worse then the day my friend died, i have officially crapped my pants and will stay like that in this chair until the bring back MD6
I WANT MY MD6!!! (6 yo voice)

One word for the gov’t: BULLSHIT

This is some serious bullshit. MD6 was my favorite Biotest product. I will miss it.

Well, this certainly eats a steaming loaf of horse shit. MD6 has always been my must-have supp (I consider protein powder food). Not to be a greedy bastard, but since the price has been slashed will Biotest’s “Buy Two Get One Free” policy still apply? I’ll be stocking up regardless.

Welcome to the bullshit we have to put up with in Australia! PLEASE DO NOT ADD YOHIMBE IN YOUR NEW FAT BURNER AS IT IS ALSO BANNED IN Oz!
Sell yohimbe separately so I can buy from BIOTEST Thanks

Tim and/or Moderator: I have Steve’s question:

What is the Shelf Life?


Well I know that I’m going to stockpile. Tim, it’s not going to be manufactured after June 30th, well up until then can you kick the production into high gear so the supply will last a bit longer after June 30th?


Didn’t you know that we’re not capable of making informed decisions about what we put in our bodies? We need someone to protect us from ourselves. It’s only going to get worse. Drain us of life and cleanse the mess.

This is such horseshit!!! I knew this would happen. Just today I was doing my cardio, and saw the latest issue of Men’s Journal, and can you guess what was on the cover?-“The Bodybuilding Supplement that Can Kill You”! I didn’t even have to pick it up to know it was ephedra, but did anyway. The story was about some athlete who had a hemmoragic stroke, blamed it on Ultimate Orange, and had a whole 10 page article telling quoting the ‘leading expert’ in the US saying how the folks who develop these supplements are " without a doubt, not smart enough to know they are building a destructive pharmacological system that not only has a great delivery system, but has ingredients to shield ephedra’s degredation by the body ( bitter orange component in Ult Orange). So I guess we’re all just blithering dumbasses guys, who have no clue what we are doing, or how to properly take care of ourselves. What a bunch of horseshit is all I can think of to surmise. I am truly heartbroken at this one.

Once Upon a Time*, the Federal Government Controlled Only About 4% of the U.S.'s Resources…

"Once the communal sector, in which the state controls all the means [of production], exceeds a certain proportion of the whole, the effects of its actions dominate the whole system. Although the state controls directly the use of only a large part of the available resources, the effects of its decisions on the remaining part of the economic system become so great that indirectly it controls almost everything. Where, as was, for example, true in Germany as early as 1928, the central and local authorities directly control the use of more than half the national income (according to an official German estimate then, 53 percent), they control indirectly almost the whole economic life of the nation. There is, then, scarcely an individual end which is not dependent for its achievement on the action of the state, and the 'social scale of values' which guides the state's action must embrace practically all individual ends."

-- F. A. Hayek, "The Road to Serfdom" (1944)
* That was before the 16th Amendment. Except for a short period during the Civil War there was no income tax and the federal government was small; during a war, it was constitutional to impose an income tax. As soon as the War was over, the (first) income tax was supposed to be eliminated, but it wasn't. The Supreme Court killed the peacetime income tax as unconstitutional in the 1880's.
For purposes of comparison, we estimate that federal, state, and local governments now control directly (including our rough estimate for the costs of regulations) somewhere in the 40-45% range of U.S. resources. This does not include, however, the considerable federal estate in land, forest, water, and mineral resources. The federal government now owns about 40% of the land area of the U.S. which, though generally less well developed than the private lands, contains far more of the natural resources. Reading the Constitution makes it clear that a huge federal estate was never part of the plan. The "checks and balances" put in place in the Constitution to limit the power of government were never designed to protect individual liberties from governments in control of nearly half of the U.S.'s resources. No surprise then that they are not working and we have government run amok.

-- Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw, March 2002

I know the loss of MD6 sucks, but at least we still have Mag-10, 4AD, etc.

i knew MD6 was too good to be true… it was the best supplement i’ve ever used. period. it’s the only thing that kept my diet in tact. this really sucks bad !!! what’s next, Mag-10 ???

This disappoints me, to say the very least, seeing the government get involved in something that, as we all know, they have clue about. Even more disappointing, there was an article in my school newspaper last semester at the college I attend. In it, the woman goes on saying that ephedra-based products should be banned. She called them “death in a bottle.” After reading this, I promptly sat down at my computer and wrote a letter to the editor. To sum it up, I basically said, “If ephedra-based supplements are considered death in a bottle, then beer can be called death in a can and cigarettes can be death in a pack, right?” It really comes down to awareness; and I’m sure if no one knew the possible adverse effects of alcohol or cigarettes, a lot more people would use them liberally like some jackasses do with ephedra and other stimulants. I guess it really is a shame that a few jerkoffs who don’t know how to “proceed with caution” when using such products have to make the gov’t raise the red flag. What do my fellow T-men and women feel?