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md6 & dieting

I’ve got a few questions about using md6 and dieting for any seasoned bb’ers and bill roberts. I’ve been following bodyopus for three weeks and have lost about 2-3 lbs. per wk. which is just right from what i’ve read. My question is if I start taking md6 in order to take my bodyfat levels to the minimum will i lose more weight per wk. and risk losing muscle along w/ it (i don’t want this like everyone else). Anyway, if i start to lose more than 3 lbs. per week should I a)increase my daily calories slightly or b) decrease my amt. of cardio ? Also, I’ve never used this fat burning stack or any for that matter and i weigh about 177lbs at the moment, so should I start w/ around 2 pills per day or the normal 3? Thank you tremendously for any suggestions.

I donna think that md6 will cause you to lose muscles… its just ephedra (stimulant), caffeine (stimulant), an appetite suppresant/mood enhancer and some yohimbe. So basically what will happen is that you will be stimulated and your appetite suppressed. That will help with weight loss imho, by making it easier (you won’t get as many cravings, you won’t feel like crap, ephedra and caffeine make me feel pretty good). That’s the result I experienced, also it didn’t make me jittery as some other products tho just as thirsty (wish they could get rid of that side effect… but guess we’ll be stuck with it for a bit). I don’t know if you are doing cardio or not or how low your calories are, but I don’t think that md6 will put you at a such a calorie deficit as to eat up your muscle mass.