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MD6 cycling

I checked the forum but could not find an answer. When using MD6 for 12+ weeks, is it ok just to cycle 5 days on/2 days off? Or do I need to follow the 6 weeks on/2 weeks off cycle as well as the 5on/2off?

In my opinion you can do 5 days on / 2 days off indefinitely. I did that with ephedrine for quite a few years.

Bill, what kinds of quantities of ephedrine did you use through out those years? Just curious.

I have been taking MD6 for ^ months now. 5 days on 2 off. I have had great success going from 28%bf to 14%. Just added question Mr. Roberts. Since the product contains yohimbe, I always get erections, which is a great side affect. But I am 32, will my body need yohimbe to get erections after I quit using the product. Never had problems before. But just a little paranoid.

I really don’t believe that a dependence
on yohimbine is created by using yohimbine products. You should do fine.

My ephedrine dosing was 25 mg at a time,
typically three times per day.

How much does ECA really help? I think I was told 90% of it’s effects are appetite suppresion. So if one can eat right is it needed at all?! Espec with the bad press on caffeien?!


I say use it-it works BIG TIME!!!

But now what will we use?! No more MD6. Is ephedrine really that unsafe? I have used it for years…

Bill, can you please answer the debate-is it not fact that almost all of the so called fat loss is due to appetite suppression? IE: Eat right burn almost as much fat!

I can answer only with my own impression that ephedrine does help. It seems plain to me personally when using diets controlled precisely for calories. However, if there’s a study showing improved fat loss and LBM retention with same calories, particularly
according to a bb’ing sort of diet, I don’t know of it.

Yeah we’re all doing ot miss the ephedra sinica that was in wonderful MD-6 :frowning: But you know Biotest they’ll come out with something at least as comparable :slight_smile:

Bill, does that not mean the studiea are all in fact flawed-I mean they didn’t use controlled diets! I think this means ephedrines “Thermogenic properties” are minimal…

I find ECA helps me get leaner faster no matter what I eat. So the Thermogenics must be doing something.