md6/clen/eph combo

hey id like to get bill’s and chris’s opinions, views and thoughts as well you t-men out there… i was talking to my resident gym freak… and he told me that you should use clen and ephedrine together…i know alot of the t-mag staff doesnt like clen but im not asking if you like it or not… just want to know if combining clen with eph or md6 a good idea… and if so whats the best way to go about it?? i wouldnt ask if i didnt see this man drop tremendous amounts of fat!!! not just lbs… he also wasnt super strict with his diet so there has to be something to this…thanks guys

Combining ephedrine and clebuterol would really be pushing the envelope. This is just asking for a bout of tachycardia (uncontrollable racing pulse), shaky limbs, dysphoria, and generally feeling like crap. It would also be very hard to work out using both at once–your pulse would probably hit 200 after the first hard set and stay close to that for a while, even with no more work. Some people could take both and be fine, but remember that ephedrine is not the safest drug to start with (not that it is necessarily dangerous if taken properly, but treat it with respect!), and clen is much less safe than that. I’d recommend using clen for 2-3 weeks, and then switching to ephedrine (or norephedrine) for long-term use. If you do want to use both, keep a beta-blocker drug on hand, such as Labetolol, in case you get into trouble. Beta-blockers take a while to work, though, an hour or more. I haven’t used MD6, but I’ve personally had bad reactions (chills, clammy skin, high pulse) when combining yohimbe with ephedrine.