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MD6 as Prelude to MAG-10

Would a thermogenic like MD6 enhance a subsequent growth cycle on MAG-10, if all else was equal? That is, would someone likely put on more LBM from MAG-10 if MD6 had first helped him get down to 8% BF than, say, if that same person without themogenics had stabilized at 11 or 12%?

I don’t think MD6 itself would make MAG-10 more effective, but a priming stage with the right diet and training would help. That’s the idea behind the Growth Surge articles. Check 'em out if you haven’t already. MD6 would help during a diet stage and JB said something once in his column about getting lean before you try to bulk up.

Thanks, TEK. Yes, I think you’re referring to Issue 167’s Appetite for Construction. As for the priming stage in the Growth Surge articles, to me they read more like a two week pause in hard training, a moment for the body to catch its breath, so to speak, and not so much a concerted effort to hit single digit BF before bulking. I’m priming now, and I wondered if the 8% I may reach with MD6 and a little extra cardio/calorie cutting might offer a better MAG-10 mass rebound than the 12% that I’ll probably reach with priming “as written.” The Berardi article deals with very overweight and lean individuals – so I’m not sure if the 4% swing I’m considering is statistically valid. Anyway, I guess I’m just wondering if MAG-10 would make me any bigger if I start from 8% BF compared to 12%? I’ve got a feeling the difference would be marginal, but all comments are welcome.

Not sure MD6 would help, except in it’s role to lower BF%. I think the article that Tek is referring to by JB is Appetite for Construction Issue #167.

thats what i’m planning on doing. md6 for stage 1 of GS.