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MD6 and T2-Pro at the same time?

I couldn’t wait for Hot-Rox and I had never tried MD6 so I ordered 2 bottles from Bodybuilding.co and am currently using it. I have a couple of questions.

  1. I am using MD6, T2-PRO, and Tribex (1st time). Are there any negative interactions between MD6 and T2-PRO? I’m guessing the Tribex is ok. I also use Surge pre and post workout. My goal is primarily fat-loss. I am doing Meltdown 1 training every other day and HIIT or heavy bag work on non-weight training days.
    Stats: 220lbs, 25% bf
    Current diet: 2500 cals on Meltdown days, approx. 2000 on HIIT days.
    Macronutrient profile: 20-25% calories from carbs, 260-270 grams of protein, rest of calories from Udo’s Oil.
    Food choices: Detour and Grow bars, Low-Carb Grow, mixed salad with chicken and one slice bread, Green vegetables (eg. brussel sprouts, spinach, etc.), salmon, tuna. I eat 5-6 meals per day.

I am on my third day of eating and training like this (have been lifting on and off for 12 years). Any suggestions for improvements?

  1. Would someone rate the effectiveness on a scale of 1-10 of the following supplements: Hydroxycut, MD6, Hot-Rox.

Sorry for such a long question and thanks in advance for responses.

MD6 and T2Pro are fine together. I had e-mailed TC about this a few months ago and he said they would complement each other very well. I think the only thing so far you shouldn’t use with certain products is the new Hot-Rox. As far as rating your diet and the supplements, I don’t know how much you weigh, bodyfat %. I’ve never tried anything you listed except MD6 and I loved both versions of it.

Sounds you are a “newbie” for asking such simple questions. I highly recommend you read FAQ section of this site, it will help you out tremendously. I will help you out though so:
interactions between md6 and t2pro are not bad but good in your sense as both combined help with fat loss. Tribex will help keep test levels up with your hypocaloric diet.
I highly recommend you do a refeed of cho every fifth or fourth day.

rating your supplements, I have never used hydroxy, never used hot rox, tried md6 and felt the jitters so from word of mouth hydroxy is a good eca with loads of other stuff in it, md6 is perhaps the best eca out there, and hot rox is the new fat loss supplement developed by a team of true and “legit” creators. Fat loss is solved with a diet plan though so put most of your focus on your meals, begin by counting calories - go to fitday.com and use their meal planner, also though I believe that carbs are not the culprit in fat gain I do believe cutting them out is the fastest way to burn fat.

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