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MD6 and keto

Couple ?'s about MD6. First off I havent ordered any yet, was gonna do it in the morning after I read a few responses. Anyway I’m taking ripped fuel extremes right now and just started keto yesterday.(info: 22yrs old, 6’0, 190lbs, approx 10-11%bf) ALso just got done with Meltdown which was about as much fun as a kick in the junk. I’m sure you’re sick of hearing about guys on break but I have 4 weeks left and thats why I’m doing keto. My question is I’m wondering how much better than ripped fuel the MD6 is because I have a lot of it left but like I said i have 4 weeks left and would like to hit 7%. And i know you guys are biased about MD6 but please give honest opinions as I’m not rich but can hack the buy 2 get 1 free with a buddy.

My diet is basically this: eggs in the morning (w/Red Hot, no more ketchup) Flax seed oil in the mrning. Chicken or italien sausage on the foreman for lunch. Steak or chicken or tuna etc… for dinner. My between meal calories are from natural peanut butter, more Flax oil, fish oil pills and protein bars and shakes when I cant eat. I have never ketoed and could use some weekend carb advice also. I’ve also read about the T-dawg modifications saying not as low with carbs anymore but like I said I got 4 weeks. One last thing I didnt see anywhere on Biotest how long it takes to deliver. I assume its only a couple days but I might as well ask you guys. Thanks.

Also was wondering one more thing about my new workout. For the next 4 weeks I was gonna do Hypertropghy training so I didnt lose anymore size while on the diet. Does that make no sense considering i am having no carbs after my workout. I didnt think about it before I stopped doing the meltdown. If it doesnt maybe I’ll go back to it or try Fat to Fire.

Ripped fuel is out of date. MD6 is much better, much more up to date with the latest stuff like 5-htp. Try it. It has a money back offer. No comparasin really.