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MD6 and fatburners

  1. Why did biotest stop making MD6? if it was becuase of a government reg to do with ephedrine, why can all the other companies still use it in there products?
  2. Im not from USA but im going soon, whats the next best fat burner out there? or are the all essentially the same (the ECA variations im talking about)

Biotest, EAS and many others stopped using ephedrine because insurance companies were pressured into upping rates or not carrying them (media hype/misinformation and idiot politicians caused this). Most companies have stopped using it and what you’re seeing on the shelves is their leftovers most likely. For example, I still buy MD6 from dpsnutrition, but it will dry up sooner or later. Check around and stock up if you can on MD6. So far I’ve not been impressed with any non-ephedra fat burner, expect for the T2 type products which are really in another category. Can’t wait to see what Biotest uses in the new MD6.