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MD6 and ECA stack

Has anyone tried a stack of MD6 with the ephedrine-caffeine-aspirin combination? Is it a good idea, or too much stimulation at once? Also, I’m on the Fat Fast Diet, and was impressed with Brock Strasser’s results, and would be interested in the responses of others to this diet.

MD6 is a ECA stack! without the A of course, but A doesn’t matter anyway. So if you use MD6 with, let’s say Ripped Fuel, you are just adding much cheaper MD6 on the pile. Believe me, MD6 has all the stimulation you need, and then some. If you want to shed fat even faster, use androsol.

I usually toss in a 100mg of caffeine. Works very good

Actually MD6 is an ECA stack without the aspirin AND without the ephedrine. The L-norephedrine is close to ephedrine, but not the same. As Rick Schulz has mentioned, I have heard of good results when adding 100mg of caffeine to MD6, and would be interested to see if others had also added ephedrine as well.