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MD6 and Clen

What would be the appropriate daily dosage if I were to stack MD6 and Clen? How long should I use this stack before cycling off? Thanks.

This is a simple one. You would probably be dead the first day. Don’t even consider this stack.JR.

Well, it wouldn’t kill you, but that is a pretty strong stack. I wouldn’t recommend it. Just use the MD6 when you come off of the clen.

I would like a little more info than it would kill you or it is a harsh stack. Why? What would the side effects be? How long can you stay on it? Sorry I am anal when it comes to stuff like this. I was considering the exact same stack.
MD6 Morning

I believe MD6 and Clen would compete for the same receptor sites. In essense, some of the ingredients in MD6 do the same thing (or take the same pathway or whatever) so you’re doubling up instead of having synergy. I would guess that you would shake like crazy, have an elevated heart rate and crash hard after the cycle, which should only be two weeks max. Pick one or the other or use the MD6 when you’re not using clen. I see no need to do both.