Hello, everyone! Happy New Year hope everyone is fine, wishing everyone success in all their endeavors this year.

Just wanted to ask if any info on the new MD-6 replacement yet? Saw it advertised in a mag 2 wks ago. Just curious on any input from anyone? Thanks everyone!

Please any info cmon guys ive been waiting for this since mid summer…



Hey Pug, What Magazine did you see the ad in?

Didn’t i didnt popst the original post aj did…


What magazine did you see the ad in?

I saw the ad yesterday in the latest “Muscle & Fitness”.

I’m more on the edge of my seat for the EPA/DHA supp to come out. Anyone see advertisements on that? I’m sure if want a fatburner you can still find some md6 at dps or another online retailer.

I hope they come out with both soon. EAS came out with a new Ephedra free Thermo. I would choose Biotest before all others but, when?!