After a 30 day cycle test driving methyl-dien at 3-6mg ED, I will be running some Nolvadex as my PCT.
I was wondering if it would make sense to use some of the herb tongkat ali (long jack) 1:50 extract to help keep test levels up. Any concern in trying this? Has anyone had any experience with this herb (in Red Kat)?

Give it a try, all it could really do is hopefully help get your t levels back to normal a little faster and aid in keeping some of your gains. That you hopefully experienced.


What were you results like? What kind of dieting and training did you follow? I’m curious because I’ve tried transdermal T 1 and 4ad and had great results, but there is a lot of talk about the methyl D being even better than the T 1.

Yes, what where your results? I just ordered some. What kind of gains should be possible?