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Followed the post on finding a TRT Doc…called a compounding pharmacy, who in turn gave me the number for a local Dr…he specializes in anti-aging. Not what I was looking for. At $2,400 a year, the cost is too much. I’ve been on Pellets for a year…poor response to the pellets, Urologist knows nothing…GP knows even less.

I’m hoping someone around here has contact info for a local GP in the MD, DC, VA area willing to work with Test-C, HCG, and Anastrozole, or at least knows what they are to have a reasonable conversation.

*hopefully this is within forum guidelines…i think i’ve read the rules correctly, eh’…but you never know.


Some docs will not want to be part of discussions in a forum like this. But if a doc solicits TRT/HRT business on the internet, that is probably fair game. Some docs want a low profile and word of mouth.

$2400 includes all labs and meds or?

understood…i was able to talk to my local Costco Pharmacist, got information on a local group that has several patients on Test-C that they fill regularly. Have an appointment coming up to meet with the doc and discuss treatment. I’m also looking for a new GP as i’ve moved, so could be a good match.

As for the $2400, it was a mid range price…one specialist was at around $45 per week as a good estimate of all costs,…as i’m low, he wasn’t looking to cycle off, but keep me going month after month…(not so sure about that),…another one was $1300 for an 18 week cycle…12 weeks on, 4-6 weeks off, so at least two cycles for the year.

I think what i need to do now is to print and study the sticky in another post…make sure i fully understand what i’m asking for and why (about 90% there now), then have a good idea on dosing to talk to the doc.

According to Aetna’s Clinical Policy Bulletin, Pellet dosing is typically in the 150 - 450mg range every 3-4 months…i had a 1000mg in Dec. Just not an effective form of treatment. i have copies of bloodwork from 2012, and dates and amounts of insertions, so hopefully the meeting will go well.

*…thanks for the all the sticky threads, very good read…much appreciated

Don’t go anywhere that cycles TRT. It needs to be all the time and for life if you truly need it.

The cycle problem may be a term that arises when one purchases a package that covers drugs delivered to last 3 months or so. That may be, unfortunately, be referred to as a cycle.

@Ptownmike, and KSman…just to clarify (meeting with Dr. tomorrow…brushing up on my knowledge). As I have Low-T, I should not cycle off, I should stay on shots month after month after month ?

TRT: Protocol for Injections

  • 200mg test cypionate or ethanate injected per week with two or more injections per week.
  • 250iu hCG SC EOD [every other day]
  • 1.0mg Arimidex/anastrozole per week in divided doses.

I read the post on shot protocol ^^, so i’ll be asking for 200mg a week.

I don’t know if there’s anywhere to post images to the forum, but I have a graph of bloodwork with T-levels from last year with dates of Testopel insertions. Interesting to see the rise and rapid fall-off, and how after the first insertion…it simply kept dropping, albeit at a slower rate.

anyway, thanks for the info in all the posts really…really good unbiased information, i know more than when I found the site, and hopefully be able to get the Dr to listen (hard part) and understand (even harder). Women get Estrogen Therapy and it’s normal…Men get Testosterone Therapy and we’re all crazy on roids…

no, total of 100mg T cyp per week

Could you PM me the name of your Dr? I’ve been looking for a good TRT doctor in Maryland and have had limited success.

I tried to send you a PM, but it didn’t seem to go through.


ok…update, nothing good i’m afraid. New Dr. doesn’t approve of Testopel (good news)…referred me to an Endo (bad news). Just spinning my wheels here getting very frustrated.

Questions on dosing (stupid question really).
I read KSman’s post on new guy information and just want to make sure. If a bottle of Test-C says 10mL 250mg/mL, and I am looking at taking 100mg per week, would that be 100/250 = 0.2ml per shot 2x per week? At this rate, the bottle should last for 25 weeks (10mL/0.4mL = 25)

Also looking at 1mg of Arimidex per week in divided doses. Are there any specifics for when to take it…i.e., morning of twice weekly shots, or simply spread out through the week taken every other day.

Lastly, I’ve been getting conflicting information…very confusing actually…
a. Run a 10-12 week cycle of Test-C with 4 weeks off and something for PCT
b. Run a 10week cycle of Test-C with 2 weeks off with PCT, or no PCT
b. Stay on Test-C and never cycle off, use PCT with Test-C shots for 4 weeks, every 12 weeks of cycle

any new word?

I started hrt a little over a year ago. My doc did the same thing…after 6 months on 100mg of Test-C per week + hcg + ai, he put me on a clomid taper…supposedly to restart natural production. I went off for 4 months. All it did was cause my T levels to drop back to pre TRT range (about 200), cause me to loose all of the muscle that I had gained…lost libido…lost motivation…gained fat…basically back to square one.

So, I see no benefit to cycling off. It seems to me that if you are doing the T+hcg+ai protocol as KSman suggests that you are keeping the testes alive anyway…so why cycle off?

Since starting back on TRT 2 months ago my T levels are back to over 1100…libido is back…added 2" to my arms in 2 months,(went from 15 1/4" to 17 1/2")…at the same time lost 2" around my waist…lipid panel improved…QOL is back and better than ever. I don’t plan to ever cycle off again. I’m still just doing 100mg per week. Hope this helps.

more less asking about DR info in dc region, please pm

I was wondering the same. Actually have prescriptions but want to get a second opinion(from another Dr, face to face). Thanks

I have a doc in NoVa that seems pretty reasonable. Just started working with him a month ago. PM me if you want contact info.

Dr. West at Washington Endocrinology clinic. Tested me twice and put me on test cyp. We talked through the options. He said we could start with clomid, or hcg, or go right to test cyp. I wanted the test. He gave it to me.

Go back in 6 months.

He was also open to HCG Plus test cyp, but said that it would be 500 hcg EW + 50MG test cyp EW. I was feeling so good from the 100 test cyp that I didnt want to change it up.

There are lot of TRT clinics that sell labs and drugs, they ship the drugs and syringes etc. The sell a package and you pay by the package and it might be 12 weeks or whatever.

Starting at 200mg T per week is very stupid.

Anastrozole, take when you inject, simple routine, with or without food, does not matter, as in the sticky. You can’t absorb it all in one read.

Going to be relocating to NOVA in May and I am looking for a good TRT Dr. I have been going back and forth with an Endo here in S. Texas, but she is very reluctant to prescribe me Test, I have done bloodworm twice with her, and just finished the second round. Going to see her on Monday and get the second results and see if she will work with me.

If she doesn’t work with me I will get all my records and bring them to the new Dr. in NOVA. I started on Test C last july after my GP tested me and my total T was 107, the GP was cautious and sent me to the Endo, who took me off of it for 6 weeks and dis the first blood work, which was consistent with the first labs, she wasn’t satisfied and wanted another 12 weeks to see if it would change, now here I am waiting to see what she says.

Hoping to find a good Dr. who will work with me.

I’m looking for a doc in NOVA or the DC region as well. If you know of any that can help. Thanks

I haven’t been able to locate on yet, but only been here a short time. Hopefully I will find one soon. Please post if anyone know a good reference.

Thanks in advance!

I have a very good urologist in Baltimore. Good knowledge, she actually works with bodybuilders recovering from severe steroid use, and guys like me who just have low T. Shoot me a note if you want her contact info.