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Is it better to take MD-6 2 times a day 3
each time or 3 times a day 2 each time? Also,
the supp shop I purchased my MD-6 from said I’m wasting my MD-6 unless I only take them before I workout. He said it’s a waste to take them on non-workout days. Is he full of crap?

Yes, he’s full of crap. Lots of it. Buckets. He’s probably thinking of it as a pre-workout booster only.

I’ve taken MD6 both ways. If you can handle 3 pills at once then I think it’s fine, although the appetite suppression may not be spread out as well, so to speak. Try it both ways and see what you like the best. I like the extra kick of 3 caps at a time. I take one dose upon waking and the other before my afternoon workout.

I prefer to spread them out. Take 1 about every hour or so. I can easily handle 6-8 a day that way.

I take three three times a day, and it works fine for me. I do normally take them 4 weeks on, then one off though.