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Hi everybody. I just bought myself a bottle of MD-6 to help me lose some stubborn body fat. I plan to take the pills for 47 days following this plan:

First 30 days- 3 pills per day
Next 13 days- 2 pills per day
Next 4 days- 1 pill per day

How much good will this do me? I definitely trust Biotest to always make a superior product, the only reason I ask is because I am not experiencing the same “feel good” sense nor I am noticing an increase in energy as I have with other thermogenics I have used in the past, though I took 4 pills a day (2 pills twice a day) with that particular product. Should I be worrying about the effectiveness of MD-6, as far as boosting my metabolism goes, or just be thankful that I am not as giddy as Kathy Lee on speed…or something like that. :slight_smile: Thanks and have a nice day.

I see no reason not to just use the full dose. Maybe take weekends off. As for the feeling, are you sure you got the new MD6? The new (with 5-HTP) makes me feel great, plenty of energy and a euphoric feeling. The old didn’t have much of a kick. Anyway, you should be feeling 1) more energy (most do at least, but I notice some 2 pot a day coffee drinkers don’t get as much of a kick out of it) and 2) less cravings, especially for carbs. Also, I find taking MD6 before meals when my stomach is almost empty gives me more of a kick. If you take them on a full stomach you won’t feel it as much. Good luck. MD6 a great supplement and if your diet is in order you’ll do great!

2 pills/day will not do much and neither will 1 pill/day. If you are a “sensitive” type then start at 1 pill 3 times/day. Although, from your post it appears that you’re not so then do 6 pills/day. If it is the new formula you should experience the “feel good” effect, mostly from the 5-HTP and the yohimbe that are in a lot of other thermos.

Dude, you’re taking like a fourth to half of the recommended dose and then wondering why you don’t feel it? Hellllllo!

Your Op.please old MD6 or new MD6? What did you like better.

The old was good but the new is great! I really like the 5-HTP for carb cravings and the new also gives you more of a kick.

You should follow the directions on the bottle tha is why they are there!! You are taking this in a backwards fashion you should have started out with the lowest dosage working your way up to the highest then taking some time off MD6, Good Luck!

Have any of you guys used MD-6 for an extended period such as 6 or 8 weeks? If so, did you take days off to avoid the increased stimulate tolerance build up?