MD-6 with Ephedrine

Didn’t Bill Roberts say the ingrediants in MD-6 with additional Ephedrine would be best? Why is this (different receptors?)
Also I took 12 caps of MD-6 yesterday (I had been on 6 for about 3 weeks) AND I FELT GREAT! Will doubling the dose periodically be a good idea to shock the system into more fat loss? (I got loads of energy and was hotter than usual) or will it lead to faster down regulation of receptors?
How does Bill Roberts reccomend cycling MD-6? How many days in a row-how many days off at the end?
I used to take 2 days off a week but when I did I would break my diet! I love to use it everday to stop the hunger.

Don’t have an answer, just wanted to add that I needed to take 9 MD6/day (3,3x a day)to feel any stimulatory effect. I could literally sleep after one or two. Don’t know if I lost any more fat at the higher dosage, but taking something like MD6 or the ECA stack is the only way I can get excited about restricting calories.

I never really thought about cycling MD-6. It is not one of those things that requires being on for only a short while… you can keep using it as long as you are dieting.

Ephedrine is a better thermogenic than norephedrine is, while norephedrine is a better appetite suppressant. By combining them, you get the best of both. However, many people are sensitive to ephedrine, so it isn’t included in the product. Similarly, more caffeine can be a good thing, but not everyone is always going to want that… for example, more caffeine is definitely a bad thing for say a 6 PM dosing of MD-6. So it’s better for the caffeine to be moderate, and you can always add more in morning or early afternoon dosings.

Bill, can you give me a range of the amount of caffine you would add to 2 or 3 caps of MD6? I have added 100 mg to 2 caps and not experienced much difference. I would try adding ephederine but since AST no longer makes Dymetadrine 25, I can’t find a non-herbal source.

I add 250 mg of caffeine, or 200, depending on the particular tablet or capsule.

Sominex, etc., available at the supermarket are fine but are overpriced. I bought a lot of capsules from a mail order place, one that was famous in the past as a source for ephedrine tablets, but I don’t remember the name for sure. D&N or D&M I think. I’d think an Internet search could find a source.

If you are looking for an online source for ephedrine try a place called netrition. They sell the Kaizen brand.

One more Question Bill, how much ephederine would you add to 2 MD6 caps? and would you do this in addition to the extra 200-250 mg caffine?

When dieting, I often add 25 mg ephedrine to MD-6, as well as the 250 mg caffeine. Some people are more sensitive to ephedrine and should not use this much, but it’s a pretty average dose.

For the Ephedrine…AST still makes EPH 833 which has 750mg of Ephedra Extract at 8%; also, D&E Pharmaceuticals (I think this is what Bill was referring to) has an Ephedra product called D&E Super Cap Ephedra 833mg–850mg Ephedra Extract at 8% for 68mg. Check out DPS Nutrition.

Hi Bill. On a personal note, thanks for making the effort to make a presentation at the Biotest seminar in Orlando; I had an excellent and educational experience over those days. Onto my MD6 point though. I have heard on other groups that the combination of yohimbine with norephedrine OR ephedrine is uite a dangerous stack. I believe that Lyle Macdonald was one of those who concurred on this point, and wanted to know your feelings on the subject. I cannot be sure, but I think the health concern was of a cardiac nature. Oh, and Bill, what is this anti-aromatise and new prohormone product that you have up your lab coat sleeve all about, and when are they due?