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OK this one is for all of the nutrition buffs. What do you all think of Medium Chain Triglycerides as a substancial source of dietary fats. Supposedly they arent a contributer to arteriosclerosis, and since they are saturated wouldn’t they be ideal for promoting the increase of natural t-levels

Surely you have some input? any advice at all is greaty appreciated

I’m not sure if they’re beneficial, but I think they won’t hurt if you take them. Udo Erasmus included MCT oil in his Udo’s Choice.

I have often used MCTs in the past as a convenient source of extra calories. However, with JB’s recommendations for omega-3 consumption, specifically, up 10 grams of EHA/DPA combined, and additional flax, this amounts to quite a bit in itself. And their benefit is indisputable. If I can derive all the extra cals I need from these, then I guess that it renders MCTs more or less redundant.