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MCTs vs. Conventional Fats


With so much being said about the positive effects of increasing fat in ones diet, why not use MCT vs. conventional fats. MCTs have a greater thermic effect, and are less likely to be stored as body fat.

Would it not make sense to lower one's intake of dietary fat to 10-15% and as leaning out becomes more of a priority, replace starches with MCT? I mean no disrespect to the high fat advocates, I'm just trying to find a diet I can stick with and that is supported by applied science.


What is MCT?


Medium Chain Triglycerides


And in what foods are they found? What is their impact on health, cholesterol, etc...?


They are great. No golden pill or anything magical and should be used in balance with your others.

A great source is coconut. It is something like 50% MCT's and taste damn good as well.

Hope that helps,


MCTs don't have to go through a long digestive process like conventional dietary fats. This makes them an excellent quick energy source. As a matter of fact, they are absorbed as rapidly as glucose. So you get all the calories of a fat but a lesser chance of them reaching the general circulation to be stored as body fat. As far as their effect on health, they have been around for a long time and utilized in nutritional regimems for individuals that have trouble absorbing fat.


Hmm. Interesting. Any idea of some good sources besides coconut?


Yes, you can purchase them just like you can purchase a bottle of flax oil. Depending upon your calorie needs, you use them in the same way as you would use flax or olive oil for that matter.


breast milk :slight_smile:


Cool. They sound like they would be useful in any eating plan. However, I don't think other types of fats need be dropped too low. Everyone's different, by I do well on a diet for leaning out that's a solid 25% fat, with at least 2/3s unsaturated. Fat loss is at least as good as when the fat's lower and the calories are replaced either with protein or carbs.


Oh, yeah? No ready access to that unless something goes horribly wrong with my girlfriend's birth control. lol