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I am in the process of trying to lose a large amount of weight that I gained as a result of a serious accident. As part of this diet, I want to incorporate MCT Oil (I am restricting my carbs). Has anyone had any luck using MCT oil? I need to know where to order some, I have called the health food stores and they give me a blank stare. Thanks for your help.

That’s because it’s largely considered a failure product. I didn’t even know someone still made it. Why not just use Udo’s or flax along with fish/salmon oil caps?

i used MCT oil when i tried the body opus diet a few years ago, and all i have to say is that is the foulest thing i have ever tasted. I know GNC used to sell it, as that was where i got mine.

IT WORKS. Look at Parrillo Performance website. John Parrillo is one of the top trainers out there. There are numerous writings on his page about MCT. The man knows his shit. Ron Harris could testify to that.

Kansas Boy, there’s actually 231 mg of Medium Chain Triglycerides in every serving of Udo’s Choice. If you mention Udo’s to a health store clerk, his stare may be slightly less blank (though I make no promises). Anyway, if you’re still interested in MCT, you might want to go with the Udo’s.