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MCT Oil Pre/Post Workout

Anyone take MCT or coconut oil either preworkout or post workout? I’ve read mixed things about a reduced growth response with fat preworkout, and didn’t know if I should avoid mcts in either my pre or post shake. I workout in the morning, and about 45 minute before I tend to have coffee, a tablespoon of mct, 2 scoops of whey, and about 30-40 grams of carbs. should I be avoiding all fats including mcts pre and post workout? If so for how long post workout should I wait before eating fats?

If your main goal is to build muscle then I wouldn’t use MCT as part of your periworkout nutrition since using MCT’s like in bulletproof coffee (which I think is BS personally, but have no first hand experience) is to get our bodies trained/reliant on utilizing fat as your main energy source (which for healthy people is the case under normal aerobic situations anyway like when we sleep as a vast oversimplification). This hypothetically is fine for long distance/endurance athletes. The problem with this in something like bodybuilding/hypertrophy is anaerobic processes rely on glucose/glycogen for a fast/quick source of energy and not fat.

Synopsis: Rely primarily on protein and carbs around your training.