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MCT - Help

Hi everybody. Im new here and im currently in my first cycle.

This is my cycle:
Week 1-8:500mg test e EW
Week 1-4: 50 mg dbol
Week 8-12:100 mg test p EOD
Week 9-12: ECA Stack (Efedrine)

Im in week 11 right now, but I don’t wont to go off already, because it’s soon summer!

I have used nolvadex all through the cycle when I could feel some gyno.

Is it a good idea to continue using test for 4-8 weeks?

And if I inject some HCG during the cycle, would that make it easier to restore my normal testosterone production when im finish, and im starting on nolvadex as pct?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Come on :slight_smile:

Im on a cutting cycle, and im not finished cutting yet. That’s the reason I want to keep on shooting test (500mg EW) for 8 more weeks.

Then I have been using testosterone for 20 weeks. Would that make it too difficult to start my own production?

If so, could I injekt some HCG to prevent that from happening?

My plans are following:

12-20: 500 mg test e EW
12-18: Therma Power ECA
16-20: Winstrol 50 mg ED

PCT: Nolvadex and HCG(but only if my nuts are shrinked, which they arent now).