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MC's Iron Paradise

Arms and chest were stale as all shit yesterday. Squats we’re hard as hell but made it through them.

Weight - 79kg
Squat - 4 warmup sets working to 5x5 97kg
Bench - 2 warmup sets working to 5x3 77kg
BO BB Row - 1 warm up set working to 5x5 72kg

I will likely switch up my training a bit and start squatting 2 times a week instead of 3 for awhile after I hit 100 kg. I am finding it hard to recover and I want to start cutting some fat soon. 100kg squat tomorrow!

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Struggling with the recovery of frequent squats? How’s the doms? I’ve found the more I squat, the less doms. How much food are you eating?

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Yes, mainly squats. I don’t remember the last time I didn’t have doms, haha. I get it the next day and it will last 2 days or sometimes 3. I just lift through it. The only day I feel 100% is Mondays where I have the weekend off.

I eat 2900 calories 98 fat 324 carbs 189 protein every day. All clean food and have been gaining 1kg every week or 2. I track everything I eat in a spreadsheet. Plan on altering this next week to facilitate fat loss.

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Isnt that a strange thing? I used to get so much more sore squatting once per week, but after cutting back on volume a bit and hitting squats 2-3x weekly i find myself hardly getting sore at all anymore. Weird

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Hey MC - love the headline.
Great log, great vids, great goals.
I’m in.
Alrighty then a lot of peeps have some awesome cues for your squat, listen to them, they are strong as fuck and know what they say.

The knee caving in is a fix now issue. But light bands around your knees in the early light warm up sets, think of pushing against the bands both coming down but especially coming up.

I look at you neck and finds the overextension a bit to much. Try to have the neck neutral look a bit down.

For squat videos there are tons of videos, I like Brian Alsruhes he has a log here on TN and is known as Alpha. His youtube channel is just plain Brian Alsruhe.
There are 3 videos when you’ve watched them he has what he call cheat sheets (it’s a short video with the important cues, not a how to cheat in squat).

Try google “lazy lifter warm up” it’s short, easy and good for ankle and hip mobility.

But hey keep grinding my friend and your goals will eventually come through.


Thanks @mortdk! The more the merrier. I am definitely trying to incorporate everything I have been told so far. Always open to feedback.

Finally hit 100 kg but didn’t feel good. Still having that hip/leg issue, but will try again for the 5x5 on Monday and take a video. Stayed at the same spot on the overhead but went much bigger on the deadlift at 115kg!

Squat - 3 warmup sets working to 5x3 100kg
Standing OH Press - 2 warmup sets working to 5x4 50kg
Deadlift - 2 warmup sets and then 1x5 @ 105kg, 1x3 @ 115kg

I’ll just whisper the magick word and maybe one of the best guy’s around here might take a look.
@khangles could you please help Matt with his form?


Good point, this is also very important. I have found the hard way that lookin up too far can absolutely destroy your bar path. Think of keeping your head in a position that makes your a straight line through the back of your head if that makes sense.

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Thanks guys. Will get a new video on Monday. Today I went and did the normal HIIT stuff with the lady.

3 sets:
Weighted sled push
Weighted sled rope pull
30 Rope floor slams (not sure the official name)
30kg sandbag carry

Will wait for these. Pls get videos, including your set up i.e. before the unrack, from multiple angles including directly from the side. The more info provided the better feedback you’ll get.

Try to establish a set up routine where you do the exact same things, step by step and use the same cues every time you get under the bar. This way you can implement tweaks and observe and evaluate how well that tweak works for you with the certainty that the change was the cause of the improvement instead of general inconsistencies

When applying changes to your form (once you’ve established something in the first place) it’s best to try things out one at a time so as not to get overwhelmed and so you can pin point what exactly helps you out. Also helps to give it time. Sometimes a change may yield immediate benefits but often enough it takes weeks to see technique gains’ full benefits.


Listen closely to Khangles Matt.
When you’ve put the vids up, tag Khangles.
He has helped me tremendously.

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Today I got a couple videos but ran out of storage on the phone (and time) to get different angles. Will post later when uploaded. Bench stayed the same, but did get some more (and better) reps in. Not sure what was up with rows today, but felt super weak and I had to decrease the load.

Warmup - Defranco Limber 11
Squat - 3 warmup sets working to 5x5 @ 100kg
Bench Press - 2 warmup sets working to 3x5 @ 77kg, 2x3 @ 77kg
BO Barbell Row - 1 warmup set working to 5x5 @ 70kg

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Been really busy the past few days, but here are those videos from 100kg a couple days ago.

Here is a light 50kg warmup set.

Here is a set from 100kg

@khangles I know this isn’t all the angles you asked for, I will have to wait until I have more time to get them. Worth noting that I have some issue with my left hip/leg that is keeping me from going too deep into the squat or else I get intense pain. I noticed my arms/wrists were still at a bad angle and corrected that today.

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Instead of only doing 2 squat days a week as I said before, I decided I would continue doing 3, but try out some different schemes on Wed. I did go up to 102kg today, but just 1 set and I will go for the 5x5 on Fri, then move up again on Mon.

Warmup - Defranco Limber 11
Squats - 1x5 50kg - 1x5 70kg - 1x5 100kg - 1x5 102kg - 1x5 100kg - 1x5 70kg
Standing OH Press - 1 warmup set working to 5x5 50kg
Deadlift - 1 warmup set working to 5x5 117kg

videos dont work. use youtube