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McNabb to Skins


typical Skins. Get the big name guy. Which means typical season of under-performing.

Happy day, but sad day


Great move by the garbage skins. McNabb is a good QB, better than any they'll get from the draft. I say that as a Dallas fan. McNabb is a guy I'm supposed to hate, but I can't after watching him take on linebackers for a TD rather than see him slide like a little bitch.


I'm not a huge football guy, but I always liked McNabb and felt he got a raw deal by Eagles fans. I guess it was shit or get off the pot time with Kolb (who seems like he has potential), but I feel like all the Eagle's fans clamoring to get rid of McNabb should realize that there's a good chance they'll go 5-11 without him with season.


As an eagles fan, I wanted him out. Definitely a good quarterback but overrated. With or without McNabb though, next season really didn't have any promise. The eagles have gaping holes on both sides of the ball that theyre expecting to fill in the draft. With the draft depth, its plausible but not something that will make a drastic next year. Without McNabb they lose 2 more games? But who really expects this team to challenge for a Super Bowl next year?



That makes no sense. You trade the Pro Bowl QB, that has been on your team for almost a Decade, to a team that's in your same division. So now you have to face him 2 times a year.

And Skins suck anyway.


Because they have Michael Vick, thats why.



Something tells me the Skins are gonna kill it this year and the Eagles will regret the move. I know McNabb's getting old, but I think he still has some gas left in his tank.


This upcoming season might be the year of the black quarterback and the white running back.


That's a huge upgrade for them at QB, but they have no threats at WR, old RBs, and an average line. The only good thing on that offense is Chris Cooley and he was injured all last year. Hopefully McNabb can take those average WRs and make them great, but that has yet to be seen.

I wouldn't put it past the skins to trade for Brandon Marshall, he is also on the block and looking to me moved.

I bet the NFL is very happy with this trade, as is gives them great fuel for the media-hype fire that can now take place when these teams face each other twice this year. Whether it's Favre vs Rodgers or McNabb vs Kolb, the NFL always seems to have great story lines.


I never would have thought they would trade him within the division. Kolb will probably be a good QB, but I hope Eagles fans aren't expecting him to come out and do what Aaron Rodgers did once Favre left. I've always like McNabb as a player and a person. He seems like he has a lot of fun out there.

I think this makes the Cowboys the favorites now.


Ha! Without his legs, I doubt he'll be a First Rate QB. They may trade his ass and give Kevin Colb more weapons for his new team.

Dumb ass eagles. If McNabb went to the Niners, he would have ruled the NFC west.


I read that the redskins dangled Haynsworth in the trade WTF?

They also picked FW Parker a few days ago. As a Steeler fan is will be interesting to see how that works out. He might thrive there in that offence if he can stay healthy and hungry.


Yes and yes. McNabb to niner's would have been something.


McNabb will win in Wash. With little Shanahan running a potent wide open offense their will be success in D.C.
As for Parker & Johnson, more of a move to get Portis's ass into old school shape. I think Parker is a great 3rd down back. He still has speed. Skins pick Okung (sp) w/the 4th pick or trade down. They already have a decent def. & if they start shoring up that O-line.. they make noise in that division.

And I'm not a skins fan.


I think I was one of the few Eagles fans left who thought Mcnabb still gave them the best chance to win. Why we decided to keep Vick (who didn't do much at all with the playing time he was given) is a mystery to me.


The last time Shannahan had an elite QB, he won back to back superbowls. In my book, Mcnaab is maybe as close as you can get to elite. If he wins a superbowl, I think he goes into that category. He has certainly been a dominant player throughout his career. I like the move from the skins end of things. I also think Kolb suck a fat dick. I don't know I just got that feeling watching him play the few times he did. Skins should be interesting this year, If I were them I'd beef up the O line as much as possible. Mcnaab has some good years left if they can keep him in the pocket and upright.



O happy day! My prayers have been answered. WE GONNA WIN THE SUPABOWL!


McNabb would have given them a better chance to win next year, but the Eagles are rebuilding and you can't build a team around a 33 year old QB.

The Eagles offered McNabb a chance to extend his contract last year but he wanted to hold off to see what happened with the market and instead restructured his contract for 2 years. The Eagles were ready to make a deal in '09 but McNabb didn't want any part of it. He forced this move and should be thanking his lucky stars he won't be playing in Oakland or Buffalo.


Whoa, from what I remember from last year Mcnabb wanted his contract extended or restructured and the Eagles didn't want to extend it. So they gave him some "shut up" money to keep him quiet and satisfied because they knew they didn't want to extend his contract.

And while the Eagles aren't as great as they once were, I don't think we should be chalking this season up as a rebuilding season just yet. They made the playoffs last year and there is no reason to believe they won't make them again this upcoming year.


McNabb- Don't let the door hit ya in the ass!