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McLean's Huge in a Hurry Blog

Hey all,
My name is Cris. Long time reader, first time poster. I just finished a bulking phase (that I was forced to stop a little sooner than I liked, eating 4500-5000 calories a day was rough both on my body and my wallet). I’m 5’11" and I started at 179 pounds and about 10.5% body fat, and am now at 193ish and 13.5%. My strength went up quite a bit, and I’m going to be cutting back down now.

I’m following Chad’s plan outlined in his book “Huge in a Hurry” and taking other advice from T-Nation articles on leaning out. I’ve also gone to a nutritionist for some baseline measurements and blood work and professional food advice.

I’ve included my starting photo and will take daily ones to track my performance, but I won’t spam the forums here with all of them (I’ll probably do weekly updates on size and strength). If you’d like to follow my daily progress, please check out my training blog at

My goal is to slim down to about 7-8% body fat while losing as little lean mass / strength as possible (obviously). Once I’ve reached that goal, I plan to make one of those nifty pic-a-day videos so I look like I’m morphing into a ripped monster in a matter of minutes. I’ll be sure to link that here when it’s done!

Supplements include-
BSN Atro-Phex
BSN N.O. Xplode
BSN True Mass (only used after extra heavy training days to retain lean mass)
Syntax Nectar Roadside Lemonade Protein Powder (best tasting carb free powder I’ve found to mix with water)
Kre-Alkalyn 1500
Omega 3-6-9s

Wish me luck in adhering to my plan (shouldn’t be too hard as I’m kinda broke right now and I can’t really afford to go eat cheat meals haha)!

Starting single rep maxes were as follows

Mar 15 -
Bench - 245
Squat - 315
Deadlift - 309

(note: I train at home and am limited by how much weight I own currently, I’m shopping craigslist to hopefully get a little more weight!)

March 21, end of week 1.

Feeling a bit under the weather, so my week wasn’t as strong as I had hoped. Only two solid lift days and I only made it to the track twice for cardio (a fire in Pomona made the air quality in LA really shitty for three days, so that’s my excuse besides lethargy).

I’m down just about four pounds, my weigh in this morning was 189 even. Here’s the end of week one pic -

What’s your diet like (since you’re cutting)?

I’m eating about 2000 calories on non training / running only days, and closer to 2500 on lift days. 6 or 7 meals spaced 2.5 hours apart depending on how long I’m up.

Here’s an average day -

Breakfast - 1 egg, 3 egg whites, 1 banana, 1 spoon peanut butter.

Mid-morning snack - 2oz turkey, 25 almonds

Lunch - 8oz meat (chicken, salmon, or beef generally), 3 cups spinach

Afternoon snack - 4oz turkey, 1 apple, almonds

Early evening shake - 40g protein, 1 cup blueberries / strawberries

Dinner - 8 oz meat, 1 potato

Prebed shake.

I also drink about a gallon of water (or more) a day. I’ll drink an N.O. Xplode shake before working out and have a mass shake after a heavy lift.

I don’t expect to continue to lose 4 pounds a week, I just think my body sprung back quickly from eating 2-2.5x the calories.