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McGregor Owned By Diaz


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209 FTW

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That is what happens when someone becomes a legend in their own mind. In addition not showing proper respect to your opponent. Lol.


That was an interesting fight!

McGregor looked spectacular until Diaz’ 1-2 caught him.
I like both fighters, so I’m not salty or anything but it is really worth pointing out how magnificently Conor toyed with Diaz. His bridging, countering and just moving around during round 1&2 is something to study.

However, Diaz is no slouch either and displayed a ridiculously strong chin.
His 1-2 combination is peculiar and deserves a closer look:

There are a lot of ways to fire a straight behind a jab:
Many prefer to emphasize the powerpunch and only feel with the jab.
That’s usually how its taught.

A dirtier variation is hiding a swooping, crossing overhand right behind a jab, thrown in quick succession.
-The street version uses the jab as a grabbing device here-
Such a combo, too, has little need for a powerful jab.

Nate Diaz’ jab is pretty good in MMA.
What stands out is his ability to fire the straight right behind.
He’s also good at playing with distance and luring the opponent in a bit then going for a very long jab followed by his straight right on the same spot a microsecond later.
His upper body makes a circular movement, assisting range, defense and offense through leaning and snap.

Most fighters can take a good jab without being bothered too much. Diaz is also not the archetype of a power puncher.
However, getting peppered twice on the chin in such a fashion is Diaz’ sledgehammer.
It is a rangy and effective combo.
Together with Nate’s tenacity, toughness and stamina he can hang with anyone in his division.

I wish people wouldnt make such a big deal out of Conor’s loss.
In contrast to more cautious fighters, he has yet to come up with one boring fight.

Hopefully, he doesn’t heed the haters’ boos and kicks out his metrosexual ballet trainer in favour of a wrestlecamp.
If anything, I say he needs a synchronised swimming coach to start a new wave of handstand-based heel kick-combinations.

Miesha’s & Holly’s fight was also great.

Sadly, that probably means a women-headed UFC 200 (Ronda vs Miesha)!

Which, if successful means a trans-headed UFC 300 (Fox vs Kroc?)?

Which means an cross species-uber violence UFC 400 (Pudzianowski vs Free Willy vs Fedor Jong Un’s son- favoured pronouns shklee, shklim, shkler) !?

Which could bring GSP out of retirement, if Pudzianowski will submit to the new testing protocol, which I fell is kinda great!



Haven’t seen you around for a while. I agree that McGregor was doing quite well until he got tagged. Diaz did a fantastic job switching from striking to submissions as well.

Honestly, I don’t think either fighter could be counted as a loser. McGregor was fighting up two weight classes. That is as close to no lose as possible for him. Diaz got a win and exposure.

I think Rousey was the big winner in Tate vs Holm. She has answers for Tate’s game, and this lets her put off a rematch with Holm.


Robert A


McGregor didn’t lose? Huh?..I sure saw him get staggered by a punch then try to play the part of a wrestler and then choked out. Yeah I’d say he lost in spectacular fashion.

Okay…sure I see what you mean. And honestly I take nothing away from McGregor. But he was starting to believe his own hype. At least this might bring him back down to earth so he will at least be tolerable to listen to.

The real reason I loved the fight so much? The corrupt Dana White had his golden egg cracked. He did not want this to happen and that’s why I’m happy it did!

He also wanted Holm to beat Tate for the big Holm/Rousey rematch and that didn’t happen either. So it was a good night for those of us who understand what Dana White is all about.


Not going to lie, I’m happy Nate Diaz won that fight. I knew he’d have a good chance the longer the fight went on or if the fight went to the ground, but I didn’t expect him to crack McGregor’s jaw the way he did. Good on him.

I don’t think the weight issue can be justifiably used for this fight. Both fighter’s were fighting above their respective weight classes, and McGregor is definitely a natural lightweight instead of a featherweight. That and I feel that Nate’s lack of a full camp nullifies the difference in weight as well.

McGregor’s main issues were fighting someone with better range and going all out to KO Diaz in the first round. It should be noted that Nate probably has the best overall reach in the lightweight division, and is the first fighter Conor has faced in the UFC who has a better reach (Holloway is taller, but has a shorter reach than McGregor). McGregor can usually hang on the outside and pick his opponents off with a counter whenever they try to step in. Having to fight on the inside caused him to swing wildly in order to get at Nate. The amount of effort he seemed to place in every punch also wore him out considerably. Considering the Diaz brothers have some of the best chins in the entire sport, I don’t know why Conor felt the need to go for a knockout. It could be because his conditioning isn’t nearly as good as touted (he’s only gone into the 3rd round once vs. Holloway) and he felt he had to finish the fight early in order to get the win. It could’ve just been pride. I’m not him so I can’t say either way. The fact is that it exhausted him early and left him vulnerable to Nate’s boxing.

Maybe the loss will humble him and cause him to change his routine, priorities, and attitude going into future fights, but I doubt it. Bottom line is that it was a great win for Nate Diaz, and I couldn’t be happier for him.


I agree with you about not wanting McGregor to win, but Dana has a vested interest in Rousey being champion again. I’m happy for Tate as she deserved the belt, but Rousey has a better chance of beating her instead of Holm. I realize that the Holm/Rousey fight would’ve been a huge payday, but the sooner Rousey is champion again the more publicity the women’s division and the UFC can garner. That and he’s already announced that Rousey will be Tate’s first defense. I just hope Tate has learned what to do in order to beat Rousey this time around.


Not so fast, if you don’t think Dana wanted Holm to win then you are saying that Dana White did not want to break ppv records with a big rematch, and make himself yet another boat load of money. As for Rousey I don’t think she will ever be the same. She actually thought she was unbeatable. That was one of the joys of watching her get her face smashed in by Holm. Anyway, if you think she will be the same fighter she was before Holm kicked her ass you are mistaken. She fell a long, long way. Keep in mind that fighters can lose decisions and walk away feeling that they actually won. But when you are beat up and then knocked silly by a head kick…that changes you.

No, this is not the way Dana wanted it to go down. He would have been much happier with a Holm/Rousey rematch which I think Holm would have won. Then they’d have a new golden goose that they could use. And they would have tossed Rousey to the side only to have her appear fighting nobody’s. Just as they did to Anderson Silva, who now loses decisions to the likes of Michael (pillow hands) Bisping. In the UFC it’s sad when you pass your peak and can’t get out of your contract because of Dana (the manipulator) White. It’s a tough sport to begin with but with Dana White in charge it’s not only tough but really…really dirty!

As a side note, why do you think Jon Jones does not get a tune up fight after being out for so long?

Anyone want to bite on that one?


I understand what you’re saying with the Holm/Rousey rematch. They could have touted it as the one woman to beat Rousey in the octagon, two titans of the division battling it out to see who is really champion. There would have been a good build up for it, as well as some decent publicity and a considerable PPV income. But seeing as how Holm matches favorably against Rousey she probably still would have won. While the earnings from the fight would have been high, I’m saying having Rousey holding the belt again would generate more revenue and publicity for the UFC over time. Obviously with the way things have played out we’ll never really know, I was just voicing an opinion.

I think Jones’ return is similar to Dominick Cruz. You have someone who never truly lost the belt coming back to claim it. Add on the fact that he’s viewed as the best P4P fighter in the UFC and he has a large fanbase, there’s not much reason to deny him. DC has also already fought two of the top three contenders (Rumble and Gus), leaving Jones the next best fight to make. Above all of that though, White most likely asked Jones what fight he wanted on his return and he chose to fight for the belt.


McGregor got tagged on the feet and taken out on the floor.

About damn time…


Absolutely. However, imagine what the career implications would have been if the same fight happened at 155. Then he lost to Nate Diaz in a division he claimed he would kill. It also would have clearly taken him out of title contention.

This gets to be documented as fighting “Two Weight Classes Up”. He gets to learn from the loss, if he chooses to, and doesn’t get the same paycheck hit.


Robert A


Aren’t you supposed to be a McGregor fan? He says he has the whole country in his corner. Right? Isn’t it like a law? Same way every both of the British-Canadian-Jamaicans had to root for Lennox Lewis.


Robert A


McGregor is from Dublin… They speak for the whole country without knowing what happens outside of Dublin.


Jon Jones fell out of bed with Dana White when he refused on two occasions to take a fight on short notice. Dana doesn’t forget those things as he is a vindictive bastard. So now he is looking at one very big ppv gate in throwing him in with DC even though Jones has been absent from the Octagon for about two years. Point being he wins either way. Should Jones comeback and beat DC it’s a great comeback story from a guy who got in trouble was stripped of his title but got back on the right track. If DC wins he just beat Jon Jones and will be promoted as the greatest thing since sliced bread. This is one that Dana Can’t lose.


Oh I’m not saying that this couldn’t have been worse it surely could have been as you suggest. What I am saying is Dana White just lost his undefeated king that he was ballyhooing about as the greatest fighter since Anderson Silva. He and Rogan were already starting their long drone about McGregor being the best pound for pound fighter in the world. Yes, that nonsense again. And how many times have we heard that one? YAWN.

So, sure it could have been worse. But, don’t think for a second that this isn’t really bad for the great manipulator Dana White. I am sure he would rather have had his eye teeth removed without novacaine than see McGregor tapping on Diaz arm helpless as a little baby.

Should McGregor lose another fight to whomever, at any weight class. the Irish ppv dollars begin to evaporate. And that is what keeps Dana White up at night.

As a side note to show you how desperate White is to win ppv dollars all over the world his lacky Michael Bisping is still fighting and beats a washed up Anderson Silva. Now I ask you why in the world would that match-up ever have taken place if White was not lusting after the English ppv market?

It further shows how he can use a fighter like Anderson Silva on the way up and also on the way down. There is no regard for Silva as a human being. No empathy for allowing a once great fighter to go out with any dignity…as Silva begged White he wanted to do. No, fighters are just pieces of meat to Dana White. They are used to make money for Dana and his partners in every imaginable way. When they are of no use any longer they are tossed aside like so much spoiled meat.

Dana White is easy to predict and I must say a pitiful excuse for a human being!


To be fair Bisbing could have had a title shot at 185 many times over. I am not in the least saying he would have done well in that fight, but any of his “Middleweight title eliminator” matches could have just as easily been a direct title shot instead of having Silva chew/clown/tantrum his way through Cote, Leites, or Maia. So, this could have been a destruction loss instead of Bisbing grinding out a win.

Also, after the Diaz performance another “non-title” test for Silva was needed/warranted. I don’t begrudge UFC/Zuffa/Joe Silva/White for continuing to make fights for aging fighters. Hell, I remember being excited for Leonard vs Hearns 2. Shit, I will confess to watching Duran’s fight against Camacho, and I was rooting for Chavez when he was losing to De la Hoya or Tszu. So basically, I can’t blame Zuffa et al for enabling me.


Robert A


First of all the boxers that you name WANTED to fight. They were not being forced into a fight because someone by the name of Dana White owned their soul. Secondly, Bisping was never…ever…ever a title contender. And whenever he fought someone who was actually good and in their prime he was beaten and usually beaten badly. Thirdly, he was given the Silva fight because Dana the manipulator White was not trying to do Silva a favor. He knows that Silva’s skills have left him permanently. He was trying to pump up the golden goose for English ppv Michael Bisping.

And if you don’t think that every single move that Dana White makes is to help the UFC make more money and in many cases at the expense of one fighter or another then you are naïve. And I don’t think you are naïve.

Dana White wouldn’t walk across the street to help any of his rank and file fighters. Yes, he takes care of his golden goose fighters, of which Anderson Silva was one. But, Silva is one no more. And not many people know that Silva literally begged Dana White to let him out of his contract even before the first Chris Wideman fight. The man was nearing 40 and wanted to retire, go out on top. But Dana White would not allow such a thing not when there is a single dime left to be made on someone’s name.

One only has to look at what Dana the manipulator pays his rank and file fighters to know that he doesn’t care about people. He worships at the alter of the all mighty dollar bill. The UFC is now worth in the neighborhood of 3 billion dollars and they still have fighters on the main card fighting for 10-k. These are good fighters who help build the brand and he pays them 10-k. And those are the lucky ones. Others have fought for much less. Like tripling or even quadrupling those paychecks would effect the vast riches that White and company make on even one event. It’s sad pathetic and disgusting how he runs the UFC.

Until the back of the UFC is broken by another organization this is how Dana White will continue to operate. He will do whatever he wants to the fighters because he can. There is no moral compass within the man. When another organization becomes large and powerful enough he will then be forced to treat the fighters the way they deserve to be treated. Until then it will be the Dana White show…and his goal is to make the UFC worth as much as possible. Keep in mind nothing would be wrong with that if he also cared about the fighters and treated them with the respect and dignity that they deserve. And also paid them what they were worth.



I am not saying Bisbing was a huge threat. I am saying people with lesser records and more poorly matched skill sets got the shot.

As far as I know the UFC contract doesn’t force people to fight. It says that if they do they fight in, and according to the wishes, of the UFC. If Silva or any other champ wanted to stop fighting all he has to do is retire. GSP did exactly that. If he wants to keep fighting, but never do it again in the UFC than he has to wait out the terms of the contract, Randy Couture did that.

None of this means I think White is benevolent in this, but I don’t see this as a Zuffa = evil and fighter = oppressed situation with regards to Silva. Now, the changes to sponsorship definitely make Zuffa look a bit like Mordor.


Robert A


thats rights- they dont care about people from the left coast
or people from the south

Chorcaí FTW

shh… Im only a first gen yank.