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McGrath Animal Training Vids

May have been posted before, but I’m bored… So, before you guys all completely forget what actual bodybuilding looks like:


-Sorry, haven’t found them in decent quality yet, anyone else want to post them up?

-Haven’t found them at all. If anyone has them, feel free to post links…



So if anyone hasn’t seen those yet, there you go.

(and yes, despite what many wicked tongues claim, McGrath really does train his back and legs lol)

Thanks! Been looking for these.

his movement on the bench is so fluid

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WaJkuNDVzOQ&feature=channel_page (first delts vid, repost) <- Proof that bodybuilders can walk/run up stairs without having a heart-attack.

I would look at that man over scantily clad women any day.

wait what?

One compilation video has him banging out deadlifts. Proof of the back and leg training.

Thanks C_C, I have the Animal Arms mini DVD right by my side.

Anyone has tried Animal Pump?

Hahaha, someone misses his 50 PM’s a day :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice thread.

Why is he doing curls? Doesn’t he know thats unfunctional and will hurt his back? O and why bother training a 4 lb muscle :wink:

Golden :wink:

Why can’t this stuff be stickied and titled, “This Is How You Do It.”

Love those vids, just watched the chest series before I worked out chest. Pumped me up.



ANIMAL BACK…is this not good quality enough?

[quote]GrindOverMatter wrote:
ANIMAL BACK…is this not good quality enough?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ao_Fkqmhv-4&feature=related [/quote]

Beat ya to it.


[quote]MEYMZ wrote:
Anyone has tried Animal Pump?[/quote]

yes, your probably better off saving your money

Cool vids…

Thanks CC.