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I forgot my lunch today, okay, I was too lazy to make it last night (it was deadlift day) so I went to McDonalds.

I ordered
- 2 Chicken Fajitas (Sorta tasty)
- Whole Wheat Chicken McGrill for later
- My drink is good old Calgary tap water at my desk.

The two (rather large) girls behind me ordered:
Girl 1
- Big Mac Meal Supersize with Coke
Girl 2
- DOUBLE quarter pounder with cheeze SuperSized with DIET Coke.

(sarcasm)I'm sure genetics has alot to do with their weight.(/sarcasm)

That's why our friggin healthcare costs are so high.

I just had to rant.


Double quarter pounders kick ass. Minus the chunky onions, of course. But diet Coke sucks. Ass.


Now that u dring up mcdonalds is the grill chicken there any good for you?


The chicken McGrill from the lighter choices menu isn't too bad. I don't get the barbecue sauce and it comes with wholewheat bun, so pretty healthy for fast food.

I must admit I indulge in the odd Double Quarter pounder with cheeze. It's 700 calories from one sandwich. Add large fries and you have around 1000 calories, mostly from fat and carbs. YIKES!


bobo - depends on what you're trying to do. I think they consist of grilled chicken (supposedly), lettuce, tomato, mayonaise, and a bun. The nutrtional info should be available online, so you can decide whether or not the macronutrient breakdown fits into your diet. You can also decide what to take off or add to it as well.

The triple cheeseburgers are much better for you, though, because they make you happy. :slightly_smiling:

Then they say working out it's a waste of time, because "*smacks tongue in disapproval* it's my body time, like, Im just not meant to be thin"

 Damn Marshmallow, 4-chinned giants. 

 You know, your genital area is supposed  to curve inwards, not OUTWARDS. Ive seen girls with smaller bellies when they are pregnant.

 McDonalds, the Ice cream section of the local supermarket, the local Dunkin Donuts (Donut section). They're all there, like flies glued to purple light.


oh i was just wondering incase one day i was in need of grill chicken but not near my home. I could buy three of them and just eat the chicken, no bread. That is the way i meant it. Not with the mayo and all that other garbage just the chicken. I was just seeing if the grill chicken from mcdonalds came with any surprises like 5 g of fat or somethin.


You miss the irony of the DIET coke part? I find it amusing that everytime I go out to some place like McDonalds the person in front of me (always a larger person) orders the fattest, most unhealthy thing on the menu, and a DIET pop to go along with it. I'm sure that'll make up for the rest of it.

Or the lady I watched buy cases of slim fast shakes, and about six bags of chips and other junk food at the identical time. That was amusing.


Do they have the lighter chioces menu in the States?

I often just eat the chicken. The lighter choices menu McGrill has no other crap like mayo. It has lettuce, tomato, and BBQ sauce which I order without. You have to specifu the Whole Wheat McGrill to get it though. The regular McGrill has Mayo and some other stuff. I don't eat that.


Whole wheat bread at McDonalds? Is that just in Canada?


Dunno if it's Canada only, you can get the whole wheat bun on any sandwich if you ask for it, suppose it makes for a better "cheat meal". Mmmmm - love then fries, too. Damn, now I'm hungry...


I had my first officially sanctioned cheat meal in about 6 months last Friday. It consisted of a Big Extra and medium fries. It took care of my fast food craving which only occurs once or twice a year. I felt so guilty I almost cried in my car on the way home. What a moron. I can't even cheat on my diet anymore. But for those few brief seconds, I was in heaven. Salt, grease, mayonaise, bacon. Didn't realize those things still existed. But they do :slight_smile:


Love, peace, and chicken grease.


the mcdonalds salads are pretty good.


I have to admit, my diet really sucks. It's inconsistent and I cheat constantly. I do tend wo watch what I eat, but I have yet to nail a good diet down.

Just a thought, but can you imagine how many beautiful women there would be around if they all worked out and ate well? I mean, you look at some of these girls faces, and theyve got potential, but most are either fat, out of shape, or too skinny.


Agree 100%.


Yeah, blame the fat people for your health care costs...

Try blaming socialism. The real cause.

Exhiter what is your point?