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McDonalds Worse Than You Once Thought



8 grams of trans fats per portion of large fries - yummie! :frowning:


wow, quite a bit there.

I was surprised to see EAS's weight gainer had like 5g per serving. That's just absurd for a supplement to have.


That is only part of the story.When I was 16,I worked there while I was in highschool.The boxes that had meat in them said "contains 25% beef." It made me think "what is the other 75% made of?" Lol.


Yeah I worked there too. Were those the same boxes that said "Grade E Beef"? At what grade does it stop being beef and start being something else?


Damn.I remember seeing something on the news a few years back about when they buy meat,it's usually cheap,leftovers (after they've slaughtered the cows and taken the quality meat) from cows who have been shot up on a bunch of homrones and abused.Makes you wonder huh?


Is that like, prison grade beef?


In my experience,yes.


Actually, if you read Fast Food Nation, (a classic) you find that the lowest grase of beef is usually purchased by the gov't for use in (drum roll) school lunch programs.


Can't get much worse than what i already thought of it. It's shit food. Utter shit. If i want a tasty burger i make my tasty burger. :slight_smile:


Jeez I'm glad I live in Australia. Oour meat has less fat and even at McDonald's the meat is meat.


Yeah, and over in Europe, while I was there, the one time that I ate McDonalds's it wasn't as bad as I feared that it would be.

Maybe they use more pork in the patties. Who knows. It was still shit food though. Half a shade of gray above being raw sewage/human feces. It still made me want to vomit into the bag. I can't stand the fucking smell of fast food here in the states. If I had to live downwind from McDonald's I would burn the motherfucker down. Or I'd put an ad in the paper, a fucking big one, that reads "Local guy loses 80 lbs living near McDonalds while on a quasi bulimia diet. 'I just vomit whenever I inhale. It's the odor.'"


Thats not suprising, we all knew it was bad for us BUT the most frightening part of the article is this quote.....

"The FDA began mandating that packaged foods companies report trans fat levels last month, but the fast-food industry is not under similar requirements."

This just further proves how corrupt and inept the FDA is. If they really gave a shit about the people NO COMPANY/INDUSTRY would be exempt from this.


Pretty interesting stuff to see in an article after reading Kevin Trudeau's book.



You mean udder shit hehe


The sad thing is that most people don't understand the trans fat issue.

They know they are bad, but they figure that they are just like any other macronutrient.

What they don't realize is that they are man-made land-mines.

same people that think reese's are better for you because it has peanut butter in it.


Ha, I was always teasing my friends 'Stop eating that prison food, it's two chicken cells held together by a string of preservaives' and I'll be damned if it didn't turn out to be true.


No it isn't you just don't know it.


McDonalds sells crap and they call it food. There could be a front page headline regarding the transfat in their food and still no one would care. The nation is hooked on places like McDonalds.

While I am not in any way "pro steroids" I think the government focus on it borders on silly when you compare it to the real crisis of what passes off as food in places like McDonalds.

But....they also sell salads and yogurt now, don't they? Someone correct me if I'm wrong.


They do and despite the obvious sensationalism of the film Super Size Me, even those food items are shit.

Here's my question though, why McDonals?

Is Burger King, Wendy's, Or any other fast food place using better meat? I'm serious because I like using fast food when I'm bulking. It's cheap and it works to help me meet the surplus of calories I need. Otherwises it's damn near impossible to hit 8,000 calories a day.


The beef they use here in the UK, is made by a firm called Mckey. Not only do I know its 100% beef but I used to get bags of frozen burgers from someone who worked for Mckey and used to eat them when I was on my ass doing my post grad.

I even had someone look at one for me ( a food scientist with time on their hands) and its what it says it is. There is no fuckin way MAFF or probably the FDA would let them get away with saying 100% beef when it wasn't not in such a high profile firm.

I mean ok the food is still pretty shitty, hydrogenated fats, sugar, salt, lard etc etc, its just the burgers at least in UK are 100% beef with a bit of salt and seasoning. I'm only disagreeing on the beef thing, that is all, not saying the food is good, it never is.