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McDonald's Strip Search


OMFG, did anyone see this????


What kind of fucking dumb asses are managing McDonald's out there???

This really pisses me off. The STUPID thing is that it's happened all over the country in different McDonald's!!!!!!



Some people


That is messed up.

But how dumb/innocent do you have to be to fall for that?


I seen this the other night on Dateline or whatever it is and was absolutely disgusted with the piece of shit who actually followed through with the callers orders. That supervisor was a complete half wit and proclaimed that no one know can understand why she didnt do anything or catch on to what was happening unless you have been in her position. I got an idea for her, use your fucking head! what an idiot!



Damn...I bet they voted in the last election.

On a serious note, I do believe that is grounds for suing Mc Donald's. It also explains why they could never get my order right. When I say "NO Mayo", damn it, I mean no freaking mayo!


I'm not faulting the victim here in the least little bit so don't get confused with that...But why on earth did she stand for that. At what point should she just have said, "No". People need to stand up for themselves and not be so blind or sheep like.


In all reality, I think the vast majority of people on this planet are "sheeplike". If you walked into any random room full of people and any type of emergency happened, chances are, you would find only one or two "leaders" who would stand up in an effort to directly deal with the situation or protect the group as a whole. It doesn't excuse the girl's actions for taking this treatment, but I think it explains why some would have immediately called bullshit and left while many more would have stayed and been humiliated.


That is just unbelievable.

In the military if you follow an order that you know to be wrong or unjust you are just as guilty as the person who gave you that order. So why would it be any diff for the dumb ass people that did it at McD.



Makes me think of those studies that showed that people will follow the orders of an authority figure up to inflicting serious pain.

Ah, Milgram, where are you now!

First thing in the morning, I'm gonna get myself one of those : Trust me, I'm a Doctor shirt.

Then, I'll randomly ask chicks: Show them Bobbies!

It has to WORK!!!!

Cavity search? You've got to be kiddin' me.


I agree completly. And would have flown this flag as high as I could.


Okay lets be a little generous.

Maybe following up to the point of being entirely nude. But jumping jacks? What did she steal... a tampon!?


How did the caller know the manageer's name, the assistant manager's fiance's name, the name of the maintenance guy?

I can't believe the she blew the guy. I'm just floored by the stupidity of everyone involved with this.

Granted, people are sheep and all, but what the fuck? How could the chick not think, "Isn't it a tad odd for a cop to want me to blow this guy?"


Shame on you. that mayo adds valuable calories. when you see a hamburger, eat the motherfucker! I don't care whats on it. You act like putting on mass is easy.


Perhaps I'm just a wacky radical, but unless a cop has a search warrant, you do not need to consent to a search. Ever. And an employer has no legal right to force an employee to submit to a search. The worst they can do is fire the person on the spot, but that's about it. And don't get me started on the rent-a-cops you see at the malls and such. They have no authority whatsoever.


People are stupid.


Sick, just sick... It makes me angry b/c I know when I was 18 I was afraid to question my supervisors or a stupid-ass perverted doctor, granted it was nowhere as near as bad as this :frowning:

The girl is pretty stupid but she still didn't deserve it. Though I'm glad the supervisor's fiance is being charged - it almost seemed like he was in on it, as who the hell would go along with it??


Exactly what I was about to say!

One of Milgram's experiment was to play a game where a random subject (selected through ads in news papers) would play a teacher and an other random one the student. The student was tied to an electric chair. The student must learn a list of various words and after each mistake the teacher had to punish him.

At each mistake, the teacher had to press a button to give the student a shock. After each mistake, the teacher must increase the voltage.

Voltage range:

First mistake : 15 volt
Mistake 8 : 120V
At this level, the average student will start saying that the shocks are painful.

M9: 150V
The student would cry and ask to go and leave the experiment. At this point Milgram usually told the teachers to continue the experiment. Remember that the student is tied up.


350V The student doesnt answer any questions now.


450V The last shock.

Where would you stop?

Everybody said that they would stop before the student would feel pain.

Reality: 63% completed the experiment up to 450V!!


I translated the text from one of my books in that previous post. Here is a link in better english than I can write! :



Any thinking person wouldn't follow any instructions beyond empty your pockets. At that point where he said to strip search her, I would be, ok, you're going to have to send cops over here. What's your name and badge #?

Then again, there's a reason he targets places like this. The training teaches people NOT to think for themselves.


Well shit, when the buttons on the cash register have little pictures of food on them and the cashiers count out the change for you and many STILL look perplexed, what do you expect? I personally want a person wearing a paper hat with a PhD in quantum physics to take my order. Anything less is uncivilized.