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McDonalds Hoax Trial


Jury Selection Begins in McDonalds Hoax Trial



$ 200 million? Give me a break! Of course if it has happened at that many McDonalds they should have warned their employees.


$200 million against mcdonalds? why didn't she sue the perpetrators?


Coz McDonalds has $200 million?

The judge's name is McDonald. Haha.


McDonalds fucked up by not warning their restaurants this was happening. Once isn't their fault. 32 times is a bit rEEEdiculous.


Her lawyer looks hot.

I'd like to motion to introduce my penis into her evidence.


She was an idiot for obeying that prank call. She does not deserve a dime.


Notice how they identify the hot lawyer and not the other one. That is some rare good reporting.




Ogborn is asking the jury to make the company pay her more than $200 million �?? including $100 million in punitive damages �?? for failing to warn her and other employees about a hoax caller who had already struck 32 other McDonald�??s stores and as many as 130 other fast-food restaurants and retail stores across the nation.

McDonalds not sharing this info with their employees is BS.

Ypou know the old saying, fool me once shame on someone. Fool me 32 times, won't get fooled again.


I kind of assumed that probably was the girl's mother. She has a similar look to her.


32 restaurants out of how many thousands? Also McDonalds restaurants are franchises. Do we know how much information of this sort is communicated back to the corporate level? If 32 reports are made nation-wide, how long does it take to get up the ladder, and get recognized as a pattern? What span of time was there between the first incident and the last? Did these occur in a short frame of time?

If I own a McDonalds in South Carolina, I would not neccesarily assume that up in Montana they are going to run into the same hoax and thus I may need to call corporate and put in a memo. I have no idea what the company policy/procedure is on that though.

Why did the police not issue a bulletin to be wary of this sort of thing? They had 162, almost 11 times as many, cases nation-wide, and they are generally in a better position to cross-reference such information.

Too many unanswered questions, and too many points where simple corporate inefficiency and poor communication, NOT accidental or even intentional negligience, are likely for this to warrant a $200 million dollar judgement.


Call me crazy, but I'd get nekkid in a McDonald's for $200 million. She should just think of it as being the highest paid stripper in the history of strippers.


I doubt it. They don't have the same last name. It's more likely that she's a prominent lawyer in the field unlike the other one..


It will be interesting to see how this trial plays out in court. It is slated to last four weeks and I am not sure if CourtTV is covering it or not but would be a good one to see if allowed to be televised. I doubt if cameras or reporters will be allowed in the courtroom as it seems there are some pretty strict gag orders in place.

Interesting thing is the guy that was linked to be making the calls was acquited in court. This incident happened several years ago and is just now making it to trial. I recall seeing a news story about it on a national new show. I thought how could this girl be so stupid as well as everyone else involved to cooperate with a so-called police officer on telephone.

Makes you wonder if the employees of McD's were not involved. I was young once but I do not think I would be coerced by a "Telephone Cop". Very weird.

But I recently heard a girl is sueing Southwest airlines because she was ased to cover herself with a blanket because she had on a revealing skirt that was offending other passengers and now she is suing the airline. I agree she must have felt humiliated but at the same time she did cover herself as asked and still kept her flight.


No you misunderstood what I said.

I MEANT, I assumed the unidentified woman to the right was the mother.


She was awarded 6.1 million
McDonalds was held liable for not informing their employees of the hoax


As I recall, the flight attendants didn't like what she was wearing, none of the other passengers cared. And the chick was HOT AS HELL.


She was forced to strip and perform oral sex. The manager and her boyfriend kept her there with force. She was a 16 year old girl. She went through something horrific. I just wish the court could force McDonald's to front the money, while the manager and her boyfriend work it off for the rest of their lives.


How did the hoax guy pull off faking a cop? It seems like most people would think something is seriously wrong if a cop asked to get sucked off. And yes, that is horrible. But why on God's green earth is THE FUCKING PERPETRATOR getting acquitted, while McDonalds is the one getting sued?