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McDonald's for Weight Loss



I completely believe it. He also stopped going to Outback Steakhouse for his afternoon Bloomin Onion, porterhouse and gallon of beer.


It doesnt surprise me, some "expert" is claiming to treat obesity with cookies, not shitting you. Using his cookie diet, you get a whopping 800 calories a day, all this from a medical doctor. An MD! I thought the Subway diet was bad.


You guys do realize he lost this weight by eating salads, wraps, and apples, right?

Its not like hes claiming lost 80 lbs by pounding down big macs and shakes. I dont see what the big deal is.


1) He's still fat

2) I bet he's just a smaller version of the fat guy he was. No more muscle, no smaller %bf.


Oh dear God...well, this story gives plenty of fodder for the authors of T-Nation to rip on.


And? He lost 80 lbs and did it in a way that was still convenient to his lifestyle?

I dont see why there is all of this hate for him beyond the fact that there are a bunch of snarky children on these forums who like to bag on anyone else who acheives some sort of results. You guys need to step away from the altar of Shugart and realize that this guy did what 60% of Americans think they can't. He might not have visible abs but if you are trying to tell me that he isnt healthier at 198 lbs and eating healthy food than he was at 280 and eating junk food, then you are out of your damned mind.


More proof that if you stick to almost any diet you get results. At his age who cares if he's ripped, he's not dead from a heart attack and has likely gained many more years.


Ok, let me clarify. This guy is way less likely to die now than at 280. I'll 100% agree with that. My real issue lies with the publicity something like this gets and the inevitable wave of fat fucks who will continue eating Whoppers, Big Macs, etc. because they only read the headline and don't look at the actual content of the story.


I know lots of folks who won't even contemplate losing weight because they can't take the time to fix meals, and eat the majority of their food from fast-food joints while running from one errand to the next.

A story like this lets people know that it's not an all-or-nothing proposition. If you wind up at McDs, the food you choose to eat there can make a huge difference.


You can lose weight eating anything it's all about energy balance nothing could be more simple. Here's a few links to a documentary on something similar to this. I'm going to start a new thread for it too.

It's about a guy who eats McDonald's for a month and loses weight and "improves his health."



Watch these!


At least they specified apples,salads and chicken wraps


He ate relatively healthy and lost weight.




Good thing they skipped over the whole "blind war veteran riding a tandem bicycle cross-country" part, or they would've found something to bitch about that, too.


There really are alot of bitchy kids on this forum. I don't see why this guy is hated on. He learned to make better food choices. That's all obese people need. They don't need some shake diet or cycling or some other crazy shit. They need to first learn how to make good food choices on a regular basis. That alone WILL cause an incredible amount of weight. Then, when things slow down, theres plenty of tweaking to do. Put a fat person on a strict, count every calorie diet and they'll get quick results, sure. But I bet you my life savings the majority put it back on or burn out long before reaching their goals.


That's just ridiculous. Eating healthy doesn't make you lose weight, everyone knows that HOT-ROX is the way.

Diet be damned.




I also do not like the way the headline has to promote McDonalds as a healthy option, there are millions of idiots that will just read the headline and continue to eat big macs and burgers all day thinking it is OK.

What I do find surprising is that this guys said MacDonald�??s is convenient, sorry but not for what you are eating mate, buy a big bag of apples from the store and eat those.

This geezer is so lazy he has to go to a fast food restaurant each day because they slice the apples for him and put them in a nice little bag? Pathetic!


I am, to be honest, disgusted by the fact that there are actually people on this board who would think it acceptable to belittle someone for losing 80 fucking pounds...simply because he didn't do it the way they (or maybe some article?) say he should've.

Makes me wonder just how much, exactly, his critics have accomplished in regards to transforming their bodies - because one thing that has always been clear to me is that it's usually the people with no achievements to call their own who speak out loudest against the accomplishments of others.


That holds true on this site as well. That is why we've seen relatively few pictures of the several hundred regular posters here.

But then, they talked shit about Brandon Curry when he was here. Some of these "critics" must look like gods compared to the rest of us.