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McDonalds Beat Down


Just a heads up, the vid is very hard to watch, this girl is beaten into a seizure. I guess they ran out of chicken nuggets that day.


Before this turns into a "I hate negroes"-fest lets add to the overall picture that it was a transvestite creepin' in the girls' bath rooms (hence the fake hair/wig) that prompted this violent beat down.


Also, here's some white people's mischievous behavior.

Bottom line: People suck, surround yourself with those you like and enjoy life nonetheless!


wow that was hard to watch..What pisses me off the most is that none of the staff jumped in to help the poor girl getting the shit kicked out of her.


Where did you read that it was a transvestite?


He didn't. He saw the pile of hair on the ground that resulted from the victim being dragged across the floor by her hair and claimed the victim was a transvestite. He then posted a link to a video showing that 3 white looking people and a Latino looking guy beat up a white looking guy over a facebook dispute.

I don't know the intent of the OP's original post, but the only messages I take away from this are:

  1. Don't expect anything other than apathy from bystanders when you are being beaten to death in public.

  2. If someone on the floor is being bashed senseless by two crazy bitches step in and stop it with appropriate force. If you need help find a heavy blunt object.

If someone wants to start a thread about the serious social problems that exist in lower socioecomonic black communities and their causes/solutions, please do so by all means. This tit for tat stuff won't help anyone.


I can answer for myself, LimpDickMachine, thanks.

here you go:

I choose to remain neutral on the issue, as anyone entering a McDonald's should be subject to extermination (Inb4 AC telling everyone to mind their own business when up in Bmore)

Edit: You also have to be quite retarded to think that a red-headed "girl" loses black hair while being dragged around.

Also, if you were able to read on an adult level, the article was about the slaying of 15-year old trailer trash by 5 other pieces of trailer trash.

They beat him, shot him several times with a .22, broke his knees in order to fit him into a sleeping bag, burned him and disposed of his ashes in a flooded lime pit. So much for "beating up a white guy".


bring the violence


sigh...what kind of world are we living in


Provide proof to that..where' the reference (as if it matters). And what about the disgusting animals that did nothing and attempted to aid and abet their escape by repeatedly saying "yo she havin a seizure yo, you better leave the po po cummin yo". Fuck these animals, all of them - I don't give a fuck what their "excuse" is for this brutal attack. They are animals and deserve to be locked up as animals.


Well no evidence of tranny in the first reference.

2nd source makes reference to transgender, but it's unsupported and uncorroborated. Police report refers to victim as a woman.

3rd story also makes reference to transgender.

So what's your point? That this attack by these animals is somehow mediated by the possibility the victim was transgender?

And, anyone that kicks or stomps a down, prone person in the head is deserving of attempted murder charges. Fucking ANIMALS.


  1. I retract my statement that you based your tranny assertion on the hair/wig on the floor. You based it on accounts from 2 of the 3 links you provide that also state that the only information Police have released regarding the victim is that she is 22 years old.

  2. The victim may very well be a tranny. This is neither here nor there. Trannys should be treated like any other mentally ill person instead of being beaten to a pulp.

  3. Responding to this thread by posting a link describing a brutal murder of a white looking person by three other white looking people and a Latino is NOT 'remaining neutral on this matter'.

  4. When I realised that the link you posted involved white/Latino on white violence I did not continue to read the story. Thank you for correcting me on this irrelevant point. I should definitely pay more attention to irrelevant links.

  5. Your use of the derogatory and racist term 'trailor trash' reveals your true nature/motives. Thank you for being honest about that.


Before I watched that video I knew worldstarhiphop.com was going to be involved. That website is the hood rat equivalent of T NATION and they glorify this shit.


This is a blog I check almost daily: http://www.dreamindemon.com/

Pretty much just a compendium of evil shit people do on a daily basis.


Once again, so-called "men" stand around and do nothing while an innocent victim gets beaten by an angry mob.




Should be noted that the only evidence that the victim is a tranny is a facebook post from the guy who filmed it. Police report says female, everybody in the video is saying her, she or bitch and you can even hear the victim screaming at one point. Sounds very much like a woman.

The hair on the floor belongs to the attackers. I believe african americans refer to said style as "da weave". If the victim was wearing a wig, don't you think it would have been pulled off while she was being dragged through the store?


I don't know what's worse (yes I do but still...): the actual hellish assault (the entire event was pretty disgusting) or that fact that an entire McDonald's staff just stood there like a bunch of slack-jawed jabronies with their dicks in their hands and it took an upper-middle aged woman to attempt to help.

Why didn't the manager keep the girls from coming back into the store after the first wave of attacks? There were enough male staffers standing around to form a protective barrier around the victim. All of those people should be separated from society. There's no place for that.


I believe that's been attempted before...

Truly sickening act, I'm not going to risk my newly found place as "Get a life" comedian and get all political, but in short hopefully those two thugettes end up on the inside. I'm sure they'll continue their tough act for all of 5 seconds.


Am I the only one who can't watch the video? I'm not really sure I want to given the descriptions, but ...

Anyway, anyone have another link?