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McDonalds and Curls


So I've come up with a new program called: McDonald's and Curls.

Day 1:

Consume 2 Big Macs before Training

Training: 2 sets of curls in the squat rack, using no more than 10 pound plates

Post training: 3 healthy filled Big n' Tasty's followed by a Super Size Strawberry Milkshake

day 2:

Consume 2 Chicken McNuggets value Meals emroute to the gym

Training: 1 set of dumbbell curls (no more than 20 pounds), followed by 10 minutes of walking around, and playing with your IPod for cardio. Finish the tiring day with a super pump set of preacher curls using no more than 40 pounds max.

Post Training: Remember your Protein!! 3 Quarter Pounders, 1 Large Fries and a Super Size Coke to rehydrate!!

Whew! Exhausting eh? You'll see huge gains in no time!


Also beer for a bed time meal.


Can I sub in Wendy's junior bacon cheeseburgers? These are a staple in my bulking diet, seriously.


Free weights hurt my shoulders, can I just do machines instead? And I read that quadruple-drop pyramid sits with isometric holds every rep divisible by a prime number is better for growth, should I do those too?


I'd pay to see someone eat nothing but mcdonalds for 30 days and training hard(not curls hard) but actually train.


Yep! Don't forget that you have to do the reps in Matrix-like slow mo too. Think of Keanu when you're pushing that 20 pounds of over head press machine steel!


Already been done.

The guy lost fat and gained muscle. And he was already in good shape. Too lazy to find a link for you but this is true.


They'd probably come out looking fine until their heart stopped ten years down the road. And they'd shit like crazy.


Dude, that's like fruit and veggies in one meal. good thinking!


Ya, I remember some guy did it as a response to supersize me, trying to prove hte point about how, as much as diet is important, an awful diet can be offset by superior exercise/rest. Of course, the point of supersize me was always more of "look at this cultural dependence on fast food we've created" and not "look at how fat fast food will make me", but still, both experiments make some points.

If I remember correctly, he was so fond of the new lifestyle/diet, that he continued to eat at mcdonalds constantly even after the 30-days were up.


Maybe like Dave Tate?


I'll be supersetting my squat rack concentration curls with some barbell mid-air wrist curls in the squat rack. Then after my frappuccinno, I'll be ready for the elliptical!


That was always the point that he put forth in interviews and such, but I don't think that is the point supported by the movie itself. He goes to "doctors" who tell him how horrible his health has gotten, talks about how his sexual relationship with his girlfriend has suffered, etc. The main thrust was always about how fast food transforms the individual. Any talk of shared responsibility was just lip-service, IMO.


Actually I experimented with this in high school while my metabolism was still really high and I was lifting and playing football/lacrosse. It worked out pretty well for strength and size, but not for definition, it was good for bulking.


You are forgetting to do bench press in the power rack also, with a belt on. You also need to make loud noises as you struggle with 20lbs


Great article!! This is just what I've been looking for. I'm gonna try that starting tomorrow.


Yup. As I recall, his training was pretty brutal.

Now we need to match up his results to someone who follows a perfect diet but with terrible training.


How come there is no Filet-O-Fish? Why you hatin? Just because it's has a baby blue wrapper, is that why? LOL.


By all means, if youd like to add a brutal day 3 consisting of 4 reps of Bosu ball ab training and 1 set of 15 pound tricep rope pressdowns be my guest!! If you eat that Filet-O-Fish remember that one extra set of tricep rope pressdowns may be overtraining!!


Remember you can substitute eliptical for a healthy round of ping pong and playing with your IPod for 10 minutes as you walk to grab a towel for your cardio!!