McCullough Training Log - The One That Might Stick

I haven’t been around for a few years, can’t find my old log. I don’t want to continue it anyways as I shudder at my past activity. Anyways I’m pursuing my healthy activities after a momentarily lapse of judgement in my life.

I canceled my gym membership right before the covid-19 shtuff and bought myself a power rack from rogue and a barbell. I’m still waiting on the plates to become available, if anyone has any suggestions for a budget friendly gym accessories I’m all ears.

I was running a lot of those spartan races earlier in the year and all of last year. I did pretty well, never placed top but felt good about where I was. When the events got cancelled for the year, back in April, I had just returned from a two week camping trip in Yosemite with a lot of drinking involved and sort of slipped up. I gained a few pounds (or like 20) and developed a bit of a drinking problem. SO yeah just trying to get healthy once again. Already on day 8 sobriety, taking the little victories.

I won’t post any work outs from before today.

July 3rd 2020
Work out consisted of…
Russian twist for 3 sets to failure immediately followed by a 45 sec plank.
3 sets of 20 reps of push ups
3 sets of 10 pull ups (1st set palms away, other 2 sets with palms facing me)
25 min walk on the treadmill (a little over a mile)
30 min dog walk (around a mile)

I forgot to note that as of right now, I don’t have any sneakers. I’m on a 14 day quarantine due to the virus and my place of employment sort of rushed me out without letting me clean out my locker. I bought the most hideous Nike sneakers and decided i’m just going to return them

July 3rd 2020 afternoon work out

Deadbugs 10 reps each side 3 sets
100 band pull aparts (4 sets of 25)
The following circuit using my barbell only…
Hanging clean
Front Squat
OH Press
Back Squat
Good Mornings
Bent over rows
Curls (for these I used one of the bands I have)
All exercises were 8 reps, immediately followed each other with a 90 second rest in between sets. Bar cannot be put down until all reps in the set are done. Total of 4 sets

30 minute walk on the treadmill in my hot garage. Kept the fan off to sweat a bit more. Around 1.5 miles.

I’m considering adding some push ups and pull ups into the circuit. Just thought about it as I’m typing this.

July 4th 2020
Woke up late. Decided to just take dogs for a walk. Will work out in the PM since I don’t have any holidays plans.

45 minute dog walk. Around 1.5 miles

July 4th PM
Following exercises in a complex like manner…
Russian twist w/ 10lb db 15 reps
Deadbugs 10 reps each side
Push up 15 reps
Pull up 7 reps
Step ups 12 reps each leg
5 times

100 OH Press w/ just barbell
100 band pull aparts
100 calf raise with 2 sec hold and 1 sec hold on stretch (sore next few days)
Barbell curl 4 sets of 10 reps

July 6th 2020
Following done in a complex like manner…
Russian twist 10 reps
Push up 10 reps
Pull up 5 reps
5 sets

100 band pull aparts
20 min walk (1Mile)

Following done in a complex like manner
Crunches 20 reps
Push up 10 reps
Pull up 5 reps
BW Squat 15 reps
5 sets

30 minute walk. (1.5 mile)

September 5, 2021

3 reps @ 155lb
3 reps @ 185lb
3 reps @ 205lb
5 sets of 10 @ 115
(Im running Wendler’s 5/3/1 with his 12 week BBB challenge)
Pull up 5 sets of 8
Ring Dips 5 sets of 6
SLDL 5 sets of 12 @ 35lb
Calf Raises 100 reps

September 6th 2021
Ran a 5k in 33 minutes