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McClane vs. Rambo


John McClane vs. Rambo. Who wins?


Rambo !!!

Cmon man you know he would destroy mclain.


Rambo !!!

Cmon man you know he would destroy mclain.


Depends...is the battle in a skyscraper, NYC, or the jungle?


Maybe, but you realize that Mclane can't bleed out right? He can lose gallons of blood and still keep on ticking. He's like the energizer bunny, but with badass one liners and a gun.


I just finished watching the new Rambo... Rambo would win, assuming he hadn't "come full circle" yet...


Poor matchup....Rambo, easily.

A better question...Rambo vs. Dutch?



No competition.


That question is even less fair. Dutch killed a laser shooting alien!

The even better question- McClaine & Rambo vs Dutch

I'm still going with Dutch.


Rambo wins outright...

A real match-up wpuld be Rambo Vs. Yolked Up...
Damn I'd pay to see that!


Rambo took out the entire Viet Cong army using only exploding arrows and became a champion of underground stick fighting contests.


Hmmm... this isn't a very close match. I love Die Hard as much as anyone, but McClane would piss his pants if he had to deal with John motherfuckin' Rambo. (I think he legally changed his middle name. Use to be Yancy.)


Rambo only took out those who were lucky to survive Dutch and the gang. Oh and I forgot, Dutch took out a laser shooting INVISIBLE alien with non-exploding arrows and a log of wood.


Ok, good argument, but there was only ONE alien that Dutch and his men had to contend with. Plus he was able to learn a lot about the alien by watching how his men died.

Rambo, entrenched in the rainforests of the Pacific Northwest, defended himself against an entire battalion of trained soldiers, and one pissed off Brian Denehey. This was just the first film. Adding in the sequels...the Viet Cong, the Russians, and a bunch of Burmese Rebels.

Its tough to call. How about a trap-building match-up between Dutch and Rambo? They're both highly proficient


Rambo FTW


Ok, you can't really use all of Rambo's movies, since Dutch was only in one. The total body count isn't comparable, and I was basing my argument on their greatest achievements. However, if you insist on using all of Rambo's movies, how about leveling the body of work and include the achievements of John Matrix along with Dutch since they're basically the same character? Would this new factor in the equation change your opinion?

Rambo may have the edge here since he had to come up with more traps due to the number of combatants he encountered. Again, we haven't seen Dutch in a similiar situation to give an accurate answer.


Although they bear some similarities I think Dutch is far, far tougher than John Matrix. Matrix pulled off some amazing feats, including but not limited to escaping a moving plane, slamming a telephone booth and essentially performing a single-armed front raise with that weasley-looking guy from "The Warriors"...but what sticks in my head is how much trouble he had with Bennett, a pudgy, out of shape Australian who's physique suggested that he subsisted entirely on "Tim-Tams".
Plus those father/daughter pool scenes at the beginning raised a couple of "Hmmmm..." flags in my head.

In terms of single, defining events, Dutch wins easily. Rambo cannot contend with the defeat of of a highly weaponized, warrior alien like the Predator. Most of Rambo's opponents were random, highly expendable foot soldiers that didn't even get their names in the credits (I think some of them were local peasants who probably agreed to be in the movie for a coconut or an approving pat on the head). However, Rambo's strength lies in the sheer volume of these guys he killed, and also with the cunning and strategy he used to kill them. I think the body count for Rambo II was 800-something. He didn't even work up a sweat or sustain any serious injury, suggesting that he could handle an even greater challenge.

It's all speculation though.


You can't kill John McClane. He just keeps coming back and finds a way to win.

I think he'd pull it off. Rambo is too much of a basket case to deal with someone that talks as much shit as McClane. It'd be like Ali-Frazier.


McClane wouldn't even be able to get within talking distance before Rambo killed the fucker from 200 yards away with a bow and arrow.

And I mean this seriously. Give McClane a gun - he still doesn't even have a prayer.


Plus, McClane has never fought anyone who was actually elite. He's only fought punk bitches with ego complexes and the inability to let go of a grudge. John Rambo was bred to kill - and kill anything.


Ok, me getting back on topic.

The setting would be very important in this matchup. If it's an urban setting, McClaine's chances of winning go up dramatically since Rambo will have a more difficult time blending into the environment.

In the wild, McClaine is dead meat. Especially if he goes barefoot again.