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McChrystal About to Get an Asschewing



The man spoke his mind and Obama is pissed!

I wonder how this will go down... since McNamara no General can openly question the civilian leadership (it was a common thing before the mid 60's).

I don't think McChrystal will be kicked out though, the political price Obama would have to pay would be too high.
Eitherway.... McChrystal has a flair for politics. It served him well last year when his critism of the WH changed the discourse over Afganistan (both inside the WH and outside). I hope he nevegates the storm to come with sound judment and is able to capilize on it.


This may be the first issue of Rolling Stone I ever buy.


^ this FTW




He apologized. I don't know about anybody else, but I am sick and tired of everybody's disingenuous apologies for EVERYTHING.

The whole thing is dishonest, idiotic and nobody buys it anyway. You meant what you said the first time. Aside from genuine instances of misunderstanding people say what they're thinking, especially with controversial topics.

This goes for the Dems too. Good grief already, if you think and said something stand by it.

Senator Slimebag: Well my entirely non political view is that I think this idea is a wholly political death bill designed by Senator Satan, a murderous pawn of the __________ lobby to kill children and senior citizens.

Retraction/apology: In my most heartfelt passion for the American people and my high principles I have been guilty of a less than artful expression of same. Of course I regard Senator Satan as a longtime friend and colleague of equal conviction who holds points of policy about which, in the purest of American tradition, I honestly disagree.

ENOUGH!!! I for one would respect you more if you just stood by what we all know you really think anyway.


Prompt action --- because poor whittle Obambi got his fwellings hurt. Mean Gweneral made Obambi sad!

(What a narcissitic turd.)


I would apologize the way Patton would have apologized - sorry your were offended by the truth I spoke!


A couple of thoughts:

1) McNamara was the Secretary of Defense.

2) Nothing...absolutely nothing...compares to the rift; public criticism; dividing of public sentiment, etc. that occured with the public "fights" between McArthur and Truman. When McArthur was fired, he was literally a National Hero...and Truman had some of the lowest approval ratings of any President ever.

(Note: I am NOT comparing those two earlier players to Obama and McCrystal. I'm just pointing out that there have been much greater disagreements).



Agreed, and although there was nothing offensive about it, this is what makes Chris Christie's rant on that reporter so much better.


What political view does McCrystal subscribe to? Maybe we have the next Republican Nominee for President?


This article speculates about that being a possibility. It also says this is precisely why Obama won't give him the boot.


He voted for Obama


So did 54% of this country. Most of which wishes they could take back their vote. He might have changed his views. I guess we will have to wait and let this one pan out.


Well that's a good point


True... Truman vs McArthur is probably the highest point of civilian-military rifs in US history

However my point is that in the course of the 60's (after the Cuban Missile Crisis) the military became firmly under ther arm of the Execitive. SecDef McNamara did it. Since then all opinions from the military leadership have to AT LEAST be agree with the Sec Def's position (or become retired). Also since then the issue has been HOW the SecDef listens/cooperates with the military leadership.
Now it looks like McChrystal is breaking that mold. And although Petraeus is silent on the matter, he will not turn against McChrystal.


I am tired of civilians and political polls telling the military how to do their job. This is nothing more than Monday Morning QBs. I am glad that McChrystal is doing what he is doing. Military needs to be there to win, and just not to lose.


It's a good point, but I couldn't vote for anyone that voted for Obama.


I wholeheartedly agree but a little part of me wishes he hadn't lashed out using a public forum like Rolling Stone. It's one thing to bash the Commander in Chief in private but I don't think it's appropriate for someone of McChrystal's position to do it publicly. That's not how the military should operate and atleast in my opinion, won't help morale in anyway.

Side note: I think you guys know by now that I don't support Obama or his retarded policies so no need to flame :smiley:


Normally I couldn't vote for McCain.

However, you do have to wonder if you want a president who didn't see this comin. This disaster was an amateur prediction. It's a bit disheartening that a guy like McChrystal didn't see it.


A favorite historian of man (VDH) had the comment that if MacChrystal coudln't figure out Rolling Stone, how can he figure out Al Qaeda . . . hmmm.

While a proponent of respecting the higher command structure; at the senior level I believe our republic is served best by open discussion of the higher strategic goals, but not tactical decisions. At the same time, we expect our generals and our leaders to behave as adult, while at the same time we all now that we are human and certain people can irritate and annoy us - I think it as a poor choice of venue and timing, but not necessarily one that he should be dismissed for. or something like that . . .