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McCain/Obama Debate III: 10/15/2008


This is the final Presidential debate before the election.

As I type this, its a little over 2 hours away.

Let's discuss here.


McCain needs to showcase the distinct differences between him and BHO and really hit him hard about what a lightweight he is


I'm swearing at McCain already. I think my wife it going to go upstairs to watch it. How the fuck did we get stuck with this dud on the Republican ticket?


Obama could recite the dialog from his favorite looney toon and his poll numbers will increase because the retards like the way he says it. Mccain is a terrible debater.


How about Joe the plumber for President?


JOE HAS MY VOTE!!!!!!! He will spread the wealth around!


McCain has definitely kept his word and come out swinging! Too bad he started off on a sour note with the stupid mortgage renegotiations.




I like how McCain ended the first question. Got to entice businesses here by making it cheaper for them to operate here.


Its really sad, because I really think McCain is a good guy. But he has fell victim to Republican pressure. Forget all that maverick bullshit, I think he does want to help in a way that is foreign to Republican thinking.


Joe will be on TMZ by the end of this debate.


IMO mccain is dominating.


This debate format is good for McCain



Can't go wrong now, lefties rule.


Yea I think McCain is doing much better than previous debates.


He's doin better this time


lol@obama slamming Fox News.

This debate is nothing new thus far, feels like I'm watching a rerun of the first and second debate.


The questions are MUCH better. The answers are what they are...they speak for themselves...


He started out really rough. He is definately finding his pace now.

To most people, what they are saying might as well be jibberish. What they are going to see is Joe Cool .vs the agitated old man.


LoL he just lost all of texas with that last one